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It's possible to save more than $2000 per year on health care costs... and more if your health plan covers additional family members. Here are the top ways you can keep your out of pocket expenses low.

What You Can Do

How Much it Can Save You

1. Choose Generic Drugs

$7 generic vs. $60 non-preferred brand for one fill saves you $53. (KingCare)

2. Participate in Healthy Incentives

Earning gold can save one person as much as $400 per year.

Plan comparisons

3. Choose Kaiser Permanente

On average, a family of six in SmartCare Connect (Kaiser Permanente), pays $687 a year less than a family of six in KingCare (Regence). Learn more.

4. If you choose KingCare, use in-network health care providers Your co-insurance drops from 35% to 15% when you use a network provider in KingCare (gold) and from 45% to 25% (silver or bronze).
 5. Avoid a trip to the ER

You may have higher co-pays for visits to the ER. Use the 24/7 Nurseline before heading into the ER, and learn about Urgent Care options near you.

The Kaiser Permanente Cost and Quality Advantage

Members of Kaiser Permanente (formerly Group Health) spend less of their own money, enjoy the convenience of being able to email their doctors, and benefit from the conscientious approach that has made Kaiser Permanente the region’s leader in following what science says works best for diabetes, depression, back pain and many other conditions.

On average, a family of six pays $1,701 a year less than a family of six in KingCareSM. Here’s how it adds up:

  • No $100 benefit access fee.
  • Simple co-pays.
  • No annual deductibles or co-insurance. High quality health care. The difference is that Kaiser Permanente provides the most fully integrated health care model in the area.