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King County provides private rooms for employees to rest and for new mothers who wish to continue breastfeeding after returning to work, according to the King County Lactation Accommodation Policy.

Lactation rooms are private (if the room has windows, drapes or blinds are provided), secure (lockable from the inside), accommodating (contain comfortable seating, a table, and power outlets) and reasonably close to the employee’s work area.

When possible, lactation rooms will also be near a sink with hot water and soap (for hand washing and cleaning of equipment) and a refrigerator for storage of expressed breast milk.



Room #/Floor

Wellness, Lactation or shared use


Access and other notes


Administration Building

Fifth floor, near women’s restroom

Shared purpose, wellness and lactation room

Private room, single user at a time

Sign-up sheet on the door

Keycard access

No sink nearby except for those in restrooms

Chinook Building

Eighth floor

Shared purpose, wellness and lactation room

Two spaces for pumping that are made private by full length curtains

Two cots with no curtains

Check in at the reception desk in the Chinook lobby for one-time access to the eighth floor

For regular access, contact Heidi Williams

The room includes a sink and a small refrigerator

Heidi Williams, Office Manager for Performance, Strategy, and Budget (PSB)


Three rooms available: One on first floor and two on the second floor (North Quiet and South Quiet room)

Shared purpose

Private room, single user at a time

No sink nearby except those in restrooms

Employees check in at the front desk for access

HR staff at Elections

King Street Center

Lactation room: Eighth floor

Wellness room: First floor near the activity center

Lactation room is only used by nursing mothers

Wellness room is used by anyone who needs a quiet space

The lactation room is a shared space

The wellness room is for a single user at a time

King Street Center employees: Contact your human resources staff for access

Visitors to the building: Visit the Security Desk in the lobby for access

Wellness room: First come, first served

Contact your human resources staff


MRJC, DAJD employees

Across from the Community Room in secured staff area

Lactation room only

Private room, single user at a time

Contact DAJD staff for access

There is no sink nearby

Sgt. David Richardson

  • Public Health Seattle & King County – Breastfeeding resources
  • La Leche League Helpline - 1-877-452-5324 - Callers have access to the most current breastfeeding information, support from a helpline volunteer who is an accredited La Leche League Leader, and contact information for local LLL Leaders and Groups.