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Metropolitan King County Council

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2008 News Archive

Feb. 6
Phillips: Delay of Vote-By-Mail is Responsible Action
Calls for new schedule for 2009 implementation
Jan. 29
Community Little Leagues are a hit in King County’s 2008 Budget
Councilmember Ferguson provides funds for area organizations
Jan. 28
King County ratepayers save $13 million through refinancing of bonds
The Metropolitan King County Council today took advantage of the County’s strong bond rating and lower interest rates by unanimously approving the refinancing of $237 million in sewer revenue bonds, saving ratepayers $13 million in 2008 dollars. The savings reduces the County’s annual debt service payments by $1.97 million per year until 2016.
Jan. 28
Oversight panel will improve security at Courthouse and County agencies
The personal safety of people who visit or work in the King County Courthouse and other County agencies in downtown Seattle will be the subject of scrutiny by a new security oversight panel created today by the Metropolitan King County Council.
Jan. 28
Dunn Applauds “Donut Hole” Decision
King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn today praised County Executive Ron Sims for his decision to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) on the County-owned property Maple Valley known as the “Donut Hole.” Dunn also called on the Executive to make the City of Maple Valley a formal part of the RFP process.
Jan. 28
Sheriff’s Blue Ribbon Panel cites progress in implementing reforms
The King County Sheriff’s Blue Ribbon Panel, established to make recommendations for improving the operations and accountability of the King County Sheriff’s Office, today reported on the progress made by King County in implementing its initial recommendations and offered four new proposals for consideration by the County Council, County Executive and the King County Charter Review Commission.
Jan. 25
Noted Shoreline author Ivan Doig honored at grand opening of new Chinook Building
Bestselling author Ivan Doig, a Shoreline resident who draws inspiration for his lyrical Western novels from his childhood in Montana and from the natural wonder visible from his home overlooking Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, was recognized today as King County Councilmember Bob Ferguson named the first floor of the new King County office building in his honor.
Jan. 25
Names of each floor of new Chinook Building honor the legacy of King County
The history and diversity of King County was celebrated today with the unveiling of the ceremonial names of each of the floors of the County’s new Chinook Building. The honorees range from a novelist and a coal miner to former King County government officials, labor organizers and civil rights activists, and even a historic town name.
Jan. 25
Ruby Chow, first Asian American on King County Council, honored at opening of new Chinook Building
Ruby Chow, a Seattle restaurateur and Chinese American community activist who became the first Asian American to serve on the King County Council, was recognized today as County Councilmember Dow Constantine named the eighth floor of the new King County office building in her honor.
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