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Metropolitan King County Council

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Metropolitan King County Council
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Feb. 22, 2010

WHEREAS, in 2009, Metro’s 2,700 bus operators worked a total of over three million hours, logging about 43 million miles while providing about 112 million passenger trips; and

WHEREAS, last year, customers sent 2009 commendations of Metro drivers—an average of 166 commendations a month; and

WHEREAS, all Metro drivers go through an extensive training program, must have a Commercial Drivers License, learn to operate various coach types, and complete many customer service programs; and

WHEREAS, Metro bus operators are skilled employees who perform many functions, including providing safe, professional, and on-time transportation for the public; providing information about fares, routes, schedules, and transfer points; and operating the coach wheelchair lift and fastening wheelchairs for passengers with disabilities; and

WHEREAS, Metro operators provide mobility for transit-dependent riders such as youth, the elderly, and people with disabilities, as well as transportation alternatives that reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Metropolitan King County Council, proclaim February 22nd through the 28th, 2010, as


in King County, in recognition of the invaluable contribution Metro transit operators make to our community.

DATED this twenty-second day of February, 2010.