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District Court Services

Serving the citizens of King County

Office of the Presiding Judge
King County District Court
W-1034 King County Courthouse
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-205-9200
Fax: 206-296-0596

Table of Rules

Local administrative rules pursuant to ARLJ-5

To download a copy of the local administrative rules, click here.

Local administrative rules

Introduction. The local administrative rules have been adopted for the internal management and operation of the King County District Court pursuant to general rule (GR) 29.

(Amended effective September 2, 2013.)

0.1 Administration

a. General

b. Executive committee

c. Chief Presiding Judge

d. Assistant Presiding Judge

e. Division Presiding Judge

f. Chief Administrative Officer

g. Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

h. Director of Probation Services

i. Directors

0.2 Appeals

0.3 Regular Meetings

0.4 Special Meetings

0.5 Voting

0.6 Quorums

0.7 Recording Secretary

0.8 Committees

0.9 Committee Reports

0.10 Elections

0.11 Vacancies

0.12 Meeting Agendas

0.13 Recall of Elected Members

0.14 Rule on Rules

a. Notice

b. Executive Committee Action

c. Judges

d. Printing of Rules

e. Emergency Bail Schedule Changes

f. Suspension of Rules

0.15 Rules of Order

0.16 Court Business Hours and Weddings

0.17 Name of Court

0.18 Alternate Filing

0.19 Remote Public Access to On-line Court Records

Local Civil Rules pursuant to CRLJ 83


3.1 Filing of Civil, Impound and Small Claims Cases

3.2 Case Information Cover Sheet

4(d)(2) Service of Summons and Complaint

7(b) Motions

9(c) Condition Precedent for Dishonored Checks

10. Form of Pleadings - Style and Form - Facilitating Proof of Service and Filing of Papers

a. Action Documents

b. Format

c. Handling by Clerk

d. Form of Pleadings

11. Case Information Cover Sheet

26. Discovery

38. Civil Jury

a. Demand

b. Pre-trial Procedure

c. Settlement Discussions; Notice of Settlement; Imposition of Costs

39. Admissibility of Documents 

(a) Certain Documents Deemed Admissible

(b) Notice

(c) Objection

(d) Effect of Rule

40(a)(5) and (d) Non-Appearance of a Party or Parties on Trial Date

54. Attorney Fees

55. Default Judgments

56. Summary Judgments

69. Payments of Monies on Judgments

Local criminal rules pursuant to CrRLJ 1.7


1.5 Style and Form - Facilitating Proof of Service and Filing of Papers

a. Style and Form

b. Filing With Court

2.2(a) Warrant of Arrest and Bench Warrant of Arrest

1. Warrants Expiration Date

2. Bench Warrants for Unpaid Fines


3.1 Services Other Than Counsel

3.2 (o) Bail

3.3 Continuances

4.1 Appearance by Counsel

4.5 Pre-Trial Hearing

4.11 Video Conference Proceedings

5.1 Filing of Criminal and Criminal Traffic Cases

6.1 Jury Week

6.13 Evidence - Court's Custody of Exhibits

7.2(a) Sentencing - Generally

1. Statement of Fine

2. Deferred Prosecution

8.1(b) Time - Enlargement

8.2 Motions

8.3 Stipulated Orders of Continuance

Local infraction rules pursuant to IRLJ 1.3


2.3 Filing

2.4 Time Payments on Infractions

2.6 Scheduling of Contested Hearings for Traffic Infractions

3.5 Decision on Written Statements

3.6 Pleadings – Style and Form Facilitating Proof of Service and Filing of Papers

6.7(a) Relief from Judgment or Order