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Direct Buys less than $10,000 are not subject to procurement laws. Our goal is 50% of direct buys come from small businesses.

Use your P-Card to pay, if possible.



For purchases between $10,000 - $50,000 you must request at least three (3) quotes. You may only request quotes from registered suppliers. Search the King County Vendor Database at If possible, request a quote from a certified small business. Check the online directory at Exception If there are 2 or fewer registered suppliers, you may also contact non-registered suppliers (in addition to those who are registered).Always award to the supplier with the lowest quote, comparing similar features (“apples-to-apples”). Always pay with your Purchasing Card (P-Card) whenever possible. Please note the use of the 3-quote process in Oracle iExpense (or reference a contract or waiver number).

Informal RFP.

Invitation To Bid (ITB).

Request For Proposals (RFP).

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