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Vaccines for Children (VFC) was established in 1993 to remove the barriers of cost and access to attaining childhood immunizations. The program is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State of Washington, and supplies vaccines to providers across the state. Almost 95% of public and private immunization providers in King County are currently enrolled. All children from birth up to the 19th birthday (hepatitis B up to the 20th birthday) are eligible to receive these vaccines; see below for vaccine-specific restrictions.

If you need assistance with these items, please contact us using our online form or call 206-296-4774 and ask for the VFC program.

  • Forms

  • Guidelines

  • Vaccine management plans

  1. Designation of a Vaccine Coordinator
  2. Vaccine Storage and Handling
  3. Vaccine Receiving and Transport
  4. Emergency Storage Plan
  5. Vaccine Management Plan Annual Review Documentation
  6. Ordering Vaccine
  7. Inventory Control
  8. Vaccine Wastage
  9. Staff Training on Vaccine Management
  • Resources

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Please remember to contact the VFC Program at 206-296-4774 whenever you have a question about vaccine storage and safety or visit WA State Dept. of Health's related website.

It is important to consult with Public Health before making decisions about vaccine viability. We are here to help you protect your vaccine supply and provide safe immunizations.

SHIPMENTS: Please allow 8-10 business days from date of request for refrigerated vaccine shipments; allow 15 business days for frozen vaccine shipments.