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Most King County offices will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2017, for Memorial Day.  
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This schedule is effective from March 11 thru September 22, 2017


Emergency Service/Snow

During most snow conditions, this route will operate via the snow routing shown on the route map. In the rare event that Metro declares an emergency, this route will not operate, but there may be alternative service on other nearby routes. Learn more about Metro & Snow and sign up for Transit Alerts to stay informed during adverse conditions.

Servicio de emergencias/para nevadas

Durante la mayoría de las nevadas, esta línea de autobús operará por el recorrido para nevadas que se muestra en el mapa de rutas. En el caso poco frecuente de que Metro declare una emergencia, esta línea no operará, pero es probable que otras líneas cercanas ofrezcan un servicio alternativo. Obtenga más información acerca de Metro & Nieve y regístrese para recibir Alertas de Tránsito y mantenerse informado durante condiciones adversas.

*This is an estimated time.

Special Service Information

  • Mornings - Jackson Park to First Hill: Makes NO STOPS between NE 65th St & 35th Ave NE and Fairview Ave N St & Republican St EXCEPT on NE 65th St at 30th Ave NE, 24th Ave NE, 20th Ave NE,15th Ave NE, Oswego Pl NE (NE 65th St Park & Ride), and; on NE Ravenna Blvd at I-5. Stops on Fairview Ave N at Thomas St; on Boren Ave at Virginia St, Pike St, Seneca St, Madison St, Columbia St and James St; and; on E Jefferson St at Broadway, 12th Ave and 17th Ave.
  • Afternoons – First Hill to Jackson Park: Stops on E Jefferson St at 18th Ave, 12th Ave and Broadway; on Boren Ave at Jefferson St, Columbia St and Madison St; on Seneca St at Terry Ave; on Virginia St at 9th Ave; and; on Fairview Ave at Denny Way. Makes NO STOPS between Fairview Ave N & Harrison St and NE 65th St & 35th Ave NE EXCEPT on 7th Ave NE at NE 42nd St; on I-5 at NE 45th St; on 8th Ave NE at NE 64th St (NE 65th St Park & Ride), and; on NE 65th St at 16th Ave NE, 21st Ave NE,25th Ave NE and 31st Ave NE.
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