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King County's goal is to be the best-run government in the nation.

But what does that mean?

It means we are embracing continuous improvement, instituting best management practices, empowering employees to innovate, and striving for second-to-none customer service.

Every day, we ask ourselves: how can we deliver better services, improve operations, and use fewer resources?

We listen. We improve. We deliver.

Here are some examples King County's efforts to improve results, save money, engage our employees, and create a better experience and quality of life for residents and businesses.

Our guiding principles

Financial Stewardship

We will safeguard and manage King County’s resources in order to deliver public services with accountability, transparency, and sustainability.

Service Excellence

Through our actions and interactions with all residents and customers, our goal is to make every person's experience with the County a positive one.

Civic Engagement

We cultivate an ongoing relationship with residents, listening and understanding their needs, and ensuring we align our services and resources with those needs.

Our Employees

Our employees are in the best position to identify and implement innovations that will better serve the public, today and into the future. We foster a workplace culture of innovation that enables employees to develop and thrive, and allows King County to attract the best workforce.

Measuring Progress

In order to be the nation's best-run government, we must measure our performance in a number of key areas: financial health, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and more. These indicators can assess progress and where we need to improve.

King County Executive
Dow Constantine
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