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Kokanee Salmon Release - King County

Releasing kokanee salmon in Ebright Creek with U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

Puget Sound is rising, rivers and streams are getting warmer, Cascade snow packs are getting smaller, and wildfire risks are increasing.

The truth is, we are no longer predicting the impacts of climate change—we are experiencing them. 

Led by Executive Constantine's regional approach to confronting climate change, King County is helping homeowners make their communities less susceptible to wildfires, making highly-treated recycled water available to farmers and industries, and restoring critical salmon habitats.

We are also reducing the carbon pollution that fuels climate change by:

  • Increasing transit and sustainable transportation choices.
  • Making it easier to reduce waste and recycle more.
  • Protecting and restoring forests and farms.
  • Reducing energy used in government operations, and phasing out coal-fired electricity countywide.
  • Leading a coalition of cities representing 1.5 million people with a shared commitment to reduce carbon pollution.

Climate change threatens the health and safety of our people, economy, and environment. Learn more about the Executive's regional approach to confronting one of the greatest challenges of our generation.


Climate change resources

Climate Change Infographic - King County
Infographic: What does climate change mean for King County?

  • Warming temperature
  • Rising seas
  • Increased flood risks
  • Acidifying marine waters threaten the very existence of local fish and wildlife
  • Less water in the summer
  • Decreased mountain snowpack
  • Greater risk of wildfires due to changing weather patterns in our region

Strategic Climate Action Report - King County
Leadership: Preparing King County for impacts of climate change

  • King County has mapped out a five-year blueprint for confronting climate change through our Strategic Climate Action Plan.
  • Focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in areas such as transportation, land use, green building, and agriculture.
  • Charts a course to make our region more resilient to the impacts of a changing climate.

It's Easy Being Green - King County
Action: Leading the way on green choices that help our region 

  • The Exec has united city leaders who represent three-quarters of the County's population to agree to reduce carbon emissions. 
  • Metro Transit has one of the greenest fleets in the nation and is on pace to have all hybrid and electric buses by 2018. 
  • King County is the largest government in the U.S. to use the same energy tracking system Microsoft uses to reduce energy costs in its buildings.

King County Executive
Dow Constantine
Dow constantine portrait

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