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Transportation benefits for King County employees



Leave your car at home. Buses, light rail, Sounder trains, and the Seattle Streetcar provide reliable, consistent, and relaxing ways to get to work. If you’re a King County employee eligible for commute benefits, your employee ID/ORCA card pays your fare on the following regular services:

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Direct, flexible, and cost-effective. Transit agencies provide the van, gas, isurance, and maintenance. You choose the route and schedule, and provide drivers and riders (or join an existing group). Your ID/ORCA card covers up to $45/month of your vanpool fare.

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Bike Walk

Bike or walk

Good for your carbon footprint and your waistline. Employees who work outside downtown Seattle and commute primarily by bike or walking can earn a monthly incentive worth $20.

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Use your bike to connect to transit and get the best of both worlds. All local buses, plus Link light rail and Sounder trains, have bike racks or spaces. You can also have one added to a vanpool van



Flexibility and savings. Employees who work outside of downtown Seattle and commute primarily by carpool can earn a monthly incentive worth $20.

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Foot Ferry


Walk-on, congestion-free commuting with a view. The King County Water Taxi and Kitsap Transit Foot Ferry accept the King County Employee ID/ORCA card as fare payment.

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King County Employee Transportation Program

New Telework Pilot for Metro Employees!

Interim General Manager Rob Gannon just announced a big push to encourage all employees to explore teleworking with their manager or supervisor.

If you're interested in joining the program as either an employee or manager/supervisor click here or sign up for the pilot training program today! 


Home free guarantee

Don’t worry about getting stuck. Employees who commute to work by bus, train, carpool, vanpool, bike, or walking are eligible to receive up to eight free taxi rides home per year in cases of unexpected need or emergency.

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Youth Service Center (YSC) Employees Only

Parking will be limited during construction of the Children and Family Justice Center and we have fantastic commute options for you!

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