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The Ride More Challenge

The Ride More Challenge

Navigate your way to a better, healthier, and cleaner environment

This August, the King County Employee Transportation Program (ETP) is hosting The Ride More Challenge to inspire county employees to try new ways of getting around without a car.

Some 40 percent of urban travel is for trips of two miles or less, and close to 90 percent of those trips are made by car (source: United States Department of Transportation). Many of these trips could easily be taken by public transit, on foot, or by bicycle—saving money, helping the environment, and providing exercise all at the same time. The challenge offers an opportunity to develop new, healthy travel habits and win prizes.

Here’s how:

Take five additional bike, bus, carpool, or vanpool rides (or trips on foot) during the month of August. Maybe take a shared ride to work, or take the bus to run errands or visit a park, restaurant, or neighborhood.

Weekly prizes

  • $50 REI gift voucher
  • $25 REI gift voucher
  • $20 REI gift voucher
  • $15 REI gift voucher
  • $10 REI gift voucher
  • One Chinook Book
  • Two ETP bags
  • Three ETP stainless steel water bottles

ETP staff members will draw 10 winners every Monday in August (starting Aug. 11). The sooner you enter, the higher your chances of winning.

Grand prize

One Grand Prize drawing for a $200 REI gift voucher will be held at the end of the challenge.

April is Gear Up For Bike Month

Bike Month a Success

Congratulations! Thank you for joining the Cascade Bicycle Club Commute Challenge during National Bike Month in May.

286 King County employees participated in the Cascade Bike to Work Challenge and rode an impressive 30,445.92 miles—and 34 county employees volunteered to be team captains!


Here are some highlights from Cascade Bicycle Club’s 2014 report of all participants:

  • 14,567 registered participants
  • 13,078 riders actively logging trips throughout the month
  • 1,926 teams representing over 1,200 organizations
  • 18% of participants new to commuting
  • 14,580 counted Bike to Work Day Participants

And here are some cool facts:

  • Offset 1,732,040 lbs of C02 emissions
  • Burned 86 million calories
  • Logged 1.7 million miles (Equivalent to taking 144 cars off the road for a year, or 1,700 cars off the road for a month)

King County’s Employee Transportation and Healthy Incentives programs thank you for participating in this year’s Commute Challenge. We hope that you continue commuting by bike to and from work.

ID/card holder

ID/ORCA card holders are available

If you have any issues with your current ID/ORCA card holder or you need a new one, there are two ways to get one:

  1. Stop by to the ID & Access Control Office:
    King County Admin Building
    500 4th Avenue, Room 312
    The office is open from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

  2. Send us an email including your mail stop at and we will mail you a new Card Holder.

Idling = zero MPG

Waiting for more than 30 seconds? Turn off your engine to save gas, money, and the air we breathe.

Idling more than 30 seconds burns more fuel than turning off and restarting your engine.

Improve health—Exposure to vehicle exhaust increases asthma symptoms, respiratory problems, heart disease, and cancer risk.

Help the environment—Vehicle exhaust pollutes our air and hurts our climate by producing air-toxic and global-warming pollution.

Common myths

It’s best for my car engine to warm up before driving.
False. Idling more than a few seconds is unnecessary, even on a cold morning. Just ease into your driving for the first few blocks of your trip until the engine is warm.

In terms of gas consumption and engine impact, it’s best to idle the engine rather than restart it.
False. In today’s vehicles, frequent restarting has little impact on engine components. Excessive idling can be hard on your engine as it isn’t working at peak operating temperature.

Metro bus and traffic on SR-520 Bridge

Tolling on SR-520 Bridge

All-electronic tolling on the State Route 520 Bridge started on December 29, 2011. With no tollbooths, drivers are able to travel across the bridge just like they did before tolling. As drivers pass through the tolling area at highway speeds, the system automatically reads their Good To Go! passes or license plates, and deducts the proper amount from their accounts. Those without passes are billed for their tolls by mail.Learn more»

Save time and money crossing the SR-520 bridge

Passengers—including King County employees—do not pay tolls when they ride a bus or vanpool across the SR-520 bridge. Metro and Sound Transit have added new bus trips and new incentives for carpools and vanpools in order to help people minimize the tolls they pay to get across Lake Washington. Learn more »

Alaskan Way Viaduct construction

Metro and your Employee Transportation Program can help you avoid SR-99 construction congestion.

spend more time doing something else

Metro has added new bus trips, new incentives for carpools and vanpools and new help for people who want to work at home so you can minimize your encounters with construction congestion. King County Marine Division has added service to water taxi, which is available for all county employees to access with their FlexPasses. Learn more »

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