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1404_3868_BikeMonthPoster_800_PXDoes bike month pass you by year after year because it suddenly occurs to you that it's going to start so soon you don't have time to tune up your bike, figure out a route, find a friend to ride with....and of course get new bike shorts and a helmet!

 Gear up for Bike Month by:  
-Attending Lunch and Learns (and winning prizes)
-Joining our activities (and winning prizes)
-Entering the bike raffle
-Finding a bike buddy at one of the events (and winning prizes)
-Signing up for the Commute Challenge (and winning prizes)

Check out the ETP Bike Resources for simple bike repairs.

Together Healthy Incentives, Employee Transportation and Cascade Bicycle Club want this to be your best Bike Month yet!

Gear up for Bike to Work Month

May is Bike to Work Month – gear up in April so you’re ready to hit the road with confidence and in safety.  King County supports your efforts to reduce car commute trips and improve your health by biking to work.  There’s never been more help for new riders.

Set a Personal Goal

Setting a goal will give you something to aim for – if you’re already a bike commuter, try adding trips or running errands by bike.  If you’re new to bike commuting, try for once a week.

Sign up for Bike to Work Month

  • Join the Group Health Challenge – Commit to riding 5 round trips between May 1 – 31 and be eligible for great prizes. King County will have several teams - join one or form your own team of co-workers, family and friends. Registration is free – sign up online or call 206-522-3222.


  • Ride on Bike to Work Day, May 21st. This is your chance to cycle to work and be counted as one of thousands of bike commuters in the greater Seattle area. Cascade Bike Club counts the number or bike commuters this day. This number has become the default indicator for the local bike community. Good news – it’s growing. Throughout Puget Sound there will be biker kiosks set up at commute stations to provide rider treats. Visit the web site for a map of commute stations, or call 206-522-3222 for details.

Bone up on Biking

  • Attend an Intro to Bike Commuting class (view Cascade Bike Club’s complete schedule of classes online and get more info on class locations)
    • April 14th – South Lake Union Discovery Center, noon – 1 p.m.
    • April 21st  - Seattle Municipal Tower, noon – 1 p.m.
    • April 28th – Bellevue City Hall, noon – 1 p.m.
    • May 5th - King County Chinook Building (401 5th Ave, Seattle)
      Noon – 1 p.m.
      Room 123

Can’t make any of these? Cascade will come and hold a class at your worksite if you gather 10-15 of your colleagues and neighbors to attend. Contact 206-263-6085 for more information.



ID/ORCA Card Holders Are Available!

ID_ORCA_Cover If you have any issues with your current ID/ORCA Card Holder or you need a new one, there are two ways to get a new one:
  1. Go to ID & Access Controll Office
      King County Admin Building
      500 4th Ave, Room 312
      The office is open from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

  2. Send us an email including your mail stop at and we will mail you a new Card Holder.

Idling = Zero MPG

Waiting for more than 30 seconds? Turn off your engine to save Gas, Money, and the Air.

Save Money, Save Gas
Idling more than 30 seconds burns more fuel than turning off and restarting the engine.
Improve Health
Exposure to vehicle exhaust increases asthma symptoms, respiratory problems, heart disease and cancer risk.
Help the Environment
Vehicle exhaust pollutes our air and hurts our climate by producing air toxic and global warming pollution.

Common Myths

It is best for my car engine if I allow it to warm up before driving. False. Idling more than a few seconds is unnecessary, even on a cold morning. Just ease into your driving for the first few blocks of  your trip until the engine is warm.

In terms of gas consumption and engine impact, it’s best to idle the engine rather than restart it.
False. On today’s vehicles, frequent restarting has little impact on engine components. Excessive idling can be hard on your engine as it isn’t working at peak operating temperature.  

King County Employee Transportation Program

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