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Public Health - Seattle & King County

See a violation of the Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment law? Let us know.

RCW 70.160 - State law on smoking in public places:

Prohibits smoking in most public places and workplaces and requires that smoking occur a minimum reasonable distance of 25 feet from entrances, exits, windows and air intakes to insure that smoke does not enter into buildings. Read full text of the law from the WA State Legislature.

KCBOH Code Chapter 19:

Places additional restrictions on the use of tobacco products, electronic smoking devices, and unapproved nicotine delivery products to further protect those who live, work, and visit King County. In addition to prohibiting smoking in all places covered under the state law, this regulation:

  1. Prohibits the use of "electronic cigarettes" in all places where smoking is prohibited by state law
  2. Includes reinspection fees on establishments found to be in repeat violation of the smoking ban
  3. Clarifies the definitions of "public place" and "place of employment"
  4. Increases fines for large event venues with a capacity of over 1,000 people

Read full text of the law.

Text us about a violation! Next time you are out and you witness a business not complying with the law, text 206-745-2548 and let us know. Please include the establishment name, date of violation, and a brief description of what violation is occurring. Don't forget to save this number in your phone!

If you witness a violation of the Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment law in King County, please use this online form to let us know and the Tobacco Prevention Program will investigate as appropriate. Please note that the King County Tobacco Prevention Program is only authorized to enforce the no-smoking law with owners or other persons in charge of an establishment for failure to prohibit smoking in an area under their control (such as an outside patio, seating area, bus shelter, etc). If you witness smoking done in an area that is not under the control of an establishment (such as a sidewalk, alleyway, etc.) please notify your local police department using their non-emergency number.

Privacy policy: To protect your privacy, all personal information that you include on this form including email addresses, names and phone numbers, etc. are kept in high confidence and will not be shared with the establishment in question.

Parts of the form below marked with a red asterisk are required.

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Name and address of the establishment in question

*Establishment name. Please do not use abbreviations or nicknames:

*Street address or intersection:

*City or town:

Zip Code if available:

Describe in detail the suspected violation you observed
*Date and time of occurrence:

Was an employee notified of the suspected violation?

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No Smoking signs

Download printable No Smoking signs for your establishment