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Facilities Management Division

Providing exceptional services and sustainable work environments for a changing world

Department of Executive Services
Facilities Management Division

500 Fourth Ave., Suite 800
Seattle, WA 98104

Real Estate Services 206-477-9350
TTY Relay 711

Facilities Management Division

The King County Facilities Management Division (FMD) operates and manages the County's capital assets by developing and maintaining cost-conscious, sustainable, high-quality facilities and environments.

Building Services Section
Oversees daily building operations and maintenance, such as heating, cooling, electricity, elevators, cleaning, security, and signs.

Major Projects Office
Delivers large-scale capital projects and real estate ventures to reduce costs, minimize liability, and meet program needs and long-term policy goals.

Capital Planning and Development Office
Manages capital improvement projects for various King County departments in County buildings, parks, and trails.

Real Estate Services
Acquires, disposes, inventories, leases, and manages real property which the County owns or manages in a trust capacity.

Strategic Initiatives Unit
Strategic planning and coordination for real estate development opportunities promoting King County policy objectives and Executive goals.

Operations Unit
Providing quality budgeting, accounting, facilitation of service delivery, and oversight of Facilities Management Division business practices, and coordination between units.