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Facilities Management Division

Providing exceptional services and sustainable work environments for a changing world

Department of Executive Services
Facilities Management Division

500 Fourth Ave., Suite 800
Seattle, WA 98104

Real Estate Services 206-477-9350
TTY Relay 711

Operations Unit

Mission: Provide quality budgeting, accounting, facilitation of service delivery, and oversight of Facilities Management Division business practices, and coordination between units.

The Operations Unit is responsible for:

  • Manage FMD fiscal operations
    • Prepare annual operating budget for FMD
    • Review capital planning budget
    • Prepare business planning and performance indicators
    • Prepare and/or review supplemental budget requests
    • Perform and oversee ongoing FMD accounting:
      • Operations accounting
      • Ongoing capital projects
      • Project contract closeouts
      • Annual account review for FMD budget preparation
    • Perform payroll for Director's Office and Building Services
    • Develop and update rate model
    • Perform internal contract auditing
    • Manage FMD purchasing process and review
  • Manage County Facilities Operations
    • Facilitate and coordination Service Level Agreements
    • Negotiate SLAs for various sections
    • Quarterly status reviews with client agencies
    • Coordinate with budget process
  • Facilitate coordination of services between sections
    • Evaluate resources for minor capital maintenance projects
    • Manage performance of work between forces
  • Manage FMD emergency planning and response

Resource Pages

Current Projects

  • Centralization of FMD Unit Payrolls
  • Energy Efficiency Program
  • Service Level Agreement Negotiations
  • Emergency Response Plans

The Operations Unit is here to support each of the Facilities Management sections and meet their needs. To contact the Operations Unit about any of the above areas, please e-mail or call 206.296.1873.