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Facilities Management Division

Providing exceptional services and sustainable work environments for a changing world

Department of Executive Services
Facilities Management Division

500 Fourth Ave., Suite 800
Seattle, WA 98104

Real Estate Services 206-477-9350
TTY Relay 711

Strategic Initiatives

Mission: Strategic planning and coordination for real estate development opportunities promoting King County policy objectives and Executive goals.

Facilities Master Plans

  • Manage Facilities Master Plans (FMPs)
    • Develop OMP/FMP planning initiatives/major strategic policy initiatives.
    • Define strategic objectives and manage evaluation process of potential alternatives.
    • Develop work plans for FMPs, including capital and real estate funding strategies.
    • Prepare reports and recommendations regarding alternatives.
    • Coordinate with elected and lead interagency stakeholder steering committees.
    • Coordinate/negotiate with other jurisdictions.
  • Perform project and section space planning
    • Develop bi-annual space plan for Council.
    • Address interim space resource issues between space plans.

Development Initiatives

  • Strategic long-range real estate planning to leverage King County properties via surplus sale development or public-private partnership to achieve Executive goals.
    • Examples:
      • Affordable housing
        • Johnson Building, North Lot, and Summit Pit
      • Eliminating homelessness
        • Passage Point, Johnson Building, and North Lot
      • Resource land conservation
        • Summit Pit
      • Promotion of business and economic development
        • Summit Pit, Fischer Flour Mill, Duwamish and Harbor Bond Props., and South Lake Union
      • Creation of healthy, vibrant neighborhoods
        • Johnson Building, North Lot, and Summit Pit
      • Transition from Criminal Justice system to productive life in society.
        • Passage Point, CJ FMPs

Resource Pages

Current Projects

Facilities Master Plans (FMPs)

  • Policy Development for Criminal Justice FMPs
    • District Court FMP Implementation
    • King County Superior Court Targeted Children/Family Services FMP
    • Managing Criminal Justice FMP Advisory Groups
    • Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention FMP
    • King County Sheriff's Office Accelerated FMP items
  • Norm Maleng Regional Justice Center Site Capacity Analysis
  • Health Department FMP
  • Animal Services FMP
  • Assist Roads with OMP/FMP
  • King County Courthouse Security and Comprehensive Building Security Review
  • Records and Licensing FMP

Development Initiatives

  • Qwest Field North Lot
  • Johnson Building
  • Summit Pit
  • Bellevue Transit Property
  • Seattle Housing Authority Initiatives
  • Partnership Housing Initiatives
  • Policy Framework regarding Major Franchises