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King County Archives

A repository of county government records
King County Archives
1215 E. Fir St.
Building A
Seattle, WA 98122


Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


 7933305172_168ba854c8_o Pinterest (external link) postings: King County Archives images on various themes, including animals, art, bridges, buildings, business and the Kingdome.

 ICRICBox The Inter-County River Improvement Commission and the White River, 1913-1948:  Documents, photos, and maps from the Archives illustrate the history of King and Pierce Counties' first joint efforts to manage the flood-prone waterways along their shared border, transforming the land and shaping its development.

  Earthworks: Land Reclamation as Sculpture / an Introduction: reconstructing, through photographs, recordings, videos, and textual records in the King County Archives, the events and activities of the1979 design symposium and the earthworks that grew out of it.  See also the full exhibit Earthworks: Land Reclamation as Sculpture for a comprehensive history of the project, including unedited artist interviews.

King County Sesquicentennial 1852-2002: website created in honor of the 150th anniversary of King County's creation.  Provided as an exhibit for historical purposes.  Links and accompanying elected officials database have been updated, but all other website components remain as they were in 2002.   

grf7 Green River Flood of November 1959: exhibit created in 2009 in response to threats of widespread flooding of the Green River.

1__House_ At Home in King County: in honor of Washington State Archives Month 2008 theme At Home in the Archives (external link).

secondlooks Second Looks:
Selections from the Seattle-King County
Department of Public Health Collection at the King County Archives

467_8_10t Beyond Pool and Playfield:
The Evolution of King County Parks

AlongKimballCreeksmall Waters of King County: in honor of the Washington State Archives Month 2007 theme Waters of Washington.