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King County Archives

A repository of county government records
King County Archives
1215 E. Fir St.
Building A
Seattle, WA 98122


Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Transportation Records

Historical records documenting King County's involvement in air, rail and water transportation during the twentieth century are listed below. Unless otherwise indicated, these records are held at the King County Archives. Please contact the Archives with questions about these materials, which can be found in many different records series.

King County International Airport (Boeing Field)

County Commissioner records relating to airport establishment and operations.

Maps and plans of Boeing Field and its structures. Additional graphical material at the Puget Sound [state] Regional Archives (external link).


Records and photographs relating to property acquisition for airport expansion


Records of grade crossings on county roads

Photographs of grade crossings, undercrossings and overcrossings

Great Northern Railway maps of Seattle's Salmon Bay area

Rail-to-trail records and photographs

Maps showing mainline and logging railway routes

Maps and drawings showing electricity transmission lines running adjacent to rail lines (interurban streetcars and the Milwaukee Road railroad)

King County ferry system ( active approximately 1900 - 1940)

County Commissioner proceedings describing actions involving county ferries

County ferry docks: plans and photographs

Administrative records, Vashon Island ferry service (1921-1925)

Financial records and audits

Statistics (1921)

Vessel plans and elevations

Other Sources of Historical Public Transit Records

Between 1972 and 1996 the King County bus and trolley system was operated by the Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle ("Metro"). Transit records from this time period are held by the Puget Sound [state] Regional Archives (external link). Also at the Regional Archives are records from Metro Transit's predecessors:

Seattle Electric Company (1901-1903)

Puget Sound Traction, Light and Power Company (1912-1919)

Seattle Municipal Street Railway (1910-1937)

Seattle Transit System (1939-1971)

An online history of Metro Transit is available. Hard copies are available for viewing at the King County Archives.

The Puget Sound [state] Regional Archives (external link) also holds records of the Seattle Monorail Project (1998-2005) and the Seattle Popular Monorail Authority (2002-2005).