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Education resources

King County Wastewater Treatment Division offers a variety of resources to educators to support bringing clean water education into the classroom. The kits listed below are available for check out to use in your classroom.

To check out a kit from the Brightwater Education Center, CONTACT:
Unit name Unit purpose Unit objectives
Wastewater for Wee Ones (K-2 grade)
  • Introduce students to all forms and uses of water around them
  • Encourage students to make small changes in their behaviors that keep out water resources clean
Students will:
  • Identify water in natural and man-made environments
  • Identify uses for water inside
  • Discuss the water cycle
  • Learn the three states of water
  • Understand that we are connected to the water cycle
  • Understand what wastewater is and where it comes from
  • Learn where wastewater goes and why it’s important to clean
  • Discuss water conservation and the importance of the concept
Wonders of Wastewater (grades 3-5)
  • Introduce students to wastewater
  • Teach where wastewater comes from and how it is treated before returning to the environment
  • Educate students about how wastewater treatment plants work and what they can do to help manage what is in wastewater
Students will:
  • Understand how the water they use in their homes relates to the water cycle
  • Be able to explain how their daily water choices impact the health of the Puget Sound
  • Understand the strengths and limitations of the wastewater treatment plant in protecting the Puget Sound.
  • Be able to list human inputs and outputs in the wastewater stream and where those outputs ultimately end up.
  • Understand that we are connected to the water cycle
  • learn how the wastewater treatment plant works and what they can do to help manage what is in wastewater.
  • Know why we treat our wastewater and what happens when we don’t treat our waste properly.

The following titles are available from the King County Library System:



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Emerging issues

New information is continually emerging about the natural and synthetic chemicals people dispose of every day in their sinks and toilets. While scientists nationally and internationally study the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), King County is taking several preventive steps to protect public health and the environment (refer to fact sheet).

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Studies have shown that pharmaceuticals and chemicals in our personal care products (shampoos, lotions, perfume, bug sprays) are present in our nation's waterbodies. Research suggests that certain chemicals in drugs and personal care products may cause ecological harm.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other organizations are committed to investigating this topic and developing strategies to help protect the health of both the environment and the public. To date, scientists have found no evidence of adverse human health effects from PPCPs in the environment. Learn more about: