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Fleet Administration


We provide the following major services:

  • County vehicles and off-road equipment: Acquisition, maintenance, replacement, and disposal.
    Motor pool reservations
  • Take-home vehicle program: Management
    Take-home vehicle policy
  • Fleet stores: Purchase and warehousing of construction materials and supplies, traffic signs, safety equipment, and hand tools.
    Fleet stores
  • Personal and surplus property: Accounting for the county’s personal property and managing the disposal of all surplus property.
    County auctions
  • Contract services: Reimbursable vehicle services and stores and supplies for more than 188 cities, jurisdictions, and government agencies.

About us

The division manages a $27 million annual budget for fleet services, two maintenance facilities, and the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of 2,700 cars, trucks, heavy off-road equipment, etc. Stores purchases, warehousing, and sales account for over $10 million. The division administers a marketing program for providing external, revenue generating services to more than 188 cities, jurisdictions, and government agencies. The division also manages $2 billion in county-wide fixed assets (consisting of more than 54,000 individual assets) which includes the inventory, tracking, and disposal of county personal property.

The division also manages the countywide take-home vehicle program, the fuel management program, and a complex in-house computerized management information system. This includes a fleet management system, a fuel management system, a manufacturers warranty tracking system, an online computerized vehicle repair manual system, an internal payroll online system, accounts payable and accounts receivable system, fixed asset data management system, and LAN administration.

The division is committed to high-quality, cost-effective customer service, helping all county employees serve the public. This commitment is reflected in the 99% customer service survey satisfaction response received for 2006 and in our having the lowest patrol-car maintenance and operating cost per mile of all organizations surveyed in the region.

Fleet Administration has received several national awards and recognitions for its innovative and environmentally responsible fleet management operation. Major division awards and recognitions include:

  • 2007—Among the top three of the 100 best fleets in North America program in a field of 38,000 fleets
  • 2006—Among the top nine of the 100 best fleets in North America from among 90,000, by Utility Fleet Management Magazine
  • 2005—Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties for its mercury switch removal program

Don’t text and drive!

Driving while text messaging or talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device are against the law in Washington.

Police may stop and ticket drivers based solely on seeing them texting or using a cell phone illegally. The fine is $124.

Applicable laws (external site):


Attracting, developing, and retaining professional fleet technicians

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