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Social Media Action Plan

King County departments that use social media should have a full communications strategy that aligns with the King County Strategic Plan.

To effectively fit social media into your communications strategy, departments must complete a Social Media Action Plan (SMAP) that identifies goals, objectives, target audiences, resources, equity considerations, and more. If your department does not have a compelling reason to launch a new social media page (see below), you should plan to instead leverage some of King County's existing social media pages.

Goals for social media pages at King County include:

How it works

  • With your manager/supervisor and/or department PIO, please fill out a Social Media Action Plan (SMAP).
  • Submit completed SMAP to the King County web team.
  • Allow five (5) business days for a response, and plan accordingly.
  • Please submit a SMAP 2-4 weeks before you want to launch the page to allow time for adjustments.


If you have questions or comments, please contact the King County web team.