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Document Code No.: CON 7-13-1 (AEP)
Department/Issuing Agency: King County Executive
Effective Date: May 25, 2009
Approved: /s/ Kurt Triplett
Type of Action: Supersedes CON 7-13 (AEP), October 1, 2000

Signed document (PDF, 548 KB)

1. SUBJECT TITLE: Introduction to Construction Management Policies and Procedures

1.1 EFFECTIVE DATE: 10 days after approval

1.2 TYPE OF ACTION: Supersedes CON 7-13 (AEP) "Introduction to Construction Management Policies and Procedures" dated October 1, 2000.

1.3 KEY WORDS: Construction, Introduction to Construction Management


2.1 To provide an introduction to King County's Construction Management Policies and Procedures (P&Ps).

2.2 The objectives of the P&Ps are as follows:

2.2.1 To establish best business practices to effectively and efficiently manage CAPITAL PROJECTS within King County.

2.2.2 To streamline the CAPITAL PROJECT management process by delegating authority to the appropriate level and empowering project management personnel.

2.2.3 To implement best business practice P&Ps to which project management personnel are held accountable.

2.2.4 To ensure that adequate controls over PROJECT COST, schedule, and quality are in place during King County's management of CAPITAL PROJECTS.

2.2.5 To make certain that adequate process and DOCUMENTATION standards are in place to ensure that public funds are expended prudently and are properly substantiated.

2.3 The following Policies and Procedures are hereby rescinded and/or superseded:

2.3.1 CON 7-5 (AEP) Retainage Release Process for County Contracts.

2.3.2 CON 7-6 (AEP) Architecture and Engineering Contract Cost Control/Reimbursement.

2.3.3 CON 7-7-1 (AEP) Procurement for Capital Projects.

2.3.4 CON 7-8-1 (AEP) Change Order Amendment /Administration.

2.3.5 CON 7-9-1 (AEP) Capital Project Planning Management.

2.3.6 CON 7-10-1 (AEP) Project Control Officer.

2.3.7 CON 7-11 (AEP) Professional Services Procurement Process.

2.3.8 CON 7-12 (AEP) Architect and Engineering Services Procurement Process.

2.3.9 PER 12-1 (AEP) Project Construction Management Staff Training.

2.3.10 PER 15-3 (AEP) Disciplinary Process for Failure to follow King County Contract Policies and Procedures.

2.4 And replaced with the following Policies and Procedures:

2.4.1 CON 7-5-1 (AEP).

2.4.2 CON 7-7-2 (AEP).

2.4.3 CON 7-8-2 (AEP).

2.4.4 CON 7-9-2 (AEP).

2.4.5 CON 7-10-2 (AEP).

2.4.6 CON 7-13-1 (AEP).

2.4.7 CON 7-14 (AEP).


3.1 All Executive Departments, Offices and Agencies.


4.1 CON 7-9-2 (AEP) Capital Project Planning and Management.

4.2 CON 7-7-2 (AEP) Procurement for Capital Projects.

4.3 CON 7-8-2 (AEP) Change Order/Amendment Administration.

4.4 CON 7-14 (AEP) Design Management.

4.5 CON 7-10-2 (AEP) Project Control Officer.

4.6 CON 7-5-1 (AEP) Project Closeout.

4.7 FIN 15-2-1 (AEP) Audits of Construction Management Practices.


5.1 The definitions listed in Appendix A "P&P Defined Terminology" apply to terms used in the P&Ps referenced above. Defined terminology will be identified in the P&Ps in all capital letters.


6.1 P&Ps are applicable to all County agencies, offices, and departments responsible for managing CAPITAL PROJECTS. However, if it makes better business sense and if it is deemed appropriate for the benefit of the County, the IAD may waive the requirements of a P&P for individual situations (except those P&Ps relating to procurement).

6.2 IADs are responsible for assuring compliance with the P&Ps. To help ensure quality project management and compliance with the P&Ps, each IA must maintain a current project management manual with detailed guidelines and procedures. This manual should be consistent with the requirements of the P&Ps, and provide personnel with IA specific guidelines and procedures to comply with the P&Ps.

6.3 Training by the DOF PCO will be conducted initially when the P&Ps are implemented, then on an annual basis and when new employees are hired or if the P&Ps are revised. The DOF PCO will also be available for refresher courses as requested.

6.4 All questions and proposed changes regarding the P&Ps should be addressed to the DOF PCO. The DOF PCO shall be responsible for answering P&P application questions and facilitating the maintenance/updating process of the P&Ps on at least an annual basis.

6.5 The P&Ps are applicable to all projects initiated after the effective date of these P&Ps and any CONTRACT procurements or CHANGE ORDERS/AMENDMENTS executed after the effective date of these P&Ps.

6.6 If a conflict exists between the P&Ps and a CONTRACT'S agreed-upon terms, then the CONTRACT shall take precedence. Upon discovery of such a conflict, the IA will report the conflict in writing to the DOF PCO.

6.7 Failure to comply with these P&Ps shall subject the King County employee to the disciplinary process set forth in the King County Personnel Guidelines Section 16 and the provisions of King County Code 3.12.270.


Action By



7.1 In circumstances when the IAD determines that the requirements of a P&P should be waived for the benefit of the County, the waiver must be in writing, provide a description of why the waiver benefits the County, be signed by the IAD, and retained in the project's files for future reference, with a copy to the supervisor of PCSS and DOF PCO.


7.2 Each IA shall develop a detailed project management manual and ensure that it is consistent with the P&Ps.

7.2.1This manual should include items such as:

A. IA specific procedures for complying with the P&Ps,

B. CAPITAL PROJECT planning and programming,

C. Developing the SCOPE OF WORK, budgets, and schedules,

D. CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION (CHANGE ORDERS/AMENDMENTS, processing applications for payment, etc.),

E. Design Management,

F. Construction Management, and

G. Closeout procedures.




7.3 Training will be provided in three forms:

7.3.1 The DOF PCO will train all IA PCOs to ensure that the PCO role and responsibilities are consistent in application throughout King County Departments and across multiple projects.

7.3.2 The DOF PCO and IA PCO are responsible for training IA personnel on how to comply with the P&Ps. Training should be based on the P&Ps and the IA's project management manual.

7.3.3 PCSS will provide training on the procurement process and guidelines for CAPITAL PROJECTS.


7.4 On not less than an annual basis, the DOF PCO shall collect questions and input regarding suggested changes to the P&Ps and facilitate the process to update the P&Ps in order to ensure implementation of best industry practices.


8.1 IA is responsible for complying with the P&Ps.

8.2 IA is responsible for documenting any waivers of P&P requirements.

8.3 IA is responsible for developing a project management manual consistent with the P&Ps. DOF PCO is responsible for reviewing the IA's manual for consistency with the P&Ps.

8.4 DOF PCO, PCSS, and IA PCO are all responsible for adequately training IA personnel.

8.5 DOF PCO is responsible for answering questions and facilitating updates to the P&Ps as needed.


9.1 Appendix A "P&P Defined Terminology" (PDF, 26 KB)