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Document Code No.: CON 7-7-1 (AP)
Department/Issuing Agency: King County Executive
Effective Date: February 23, 2001
Approved: /s/ Ron Sims
Type of Action: Superseding CON 7-7 (AP) (PDF, 1.27 MB)

Signed document (PDF, 1.16 MB)

1.0 SUBJECT TITLE: Small Works Roster for Public Work Projects


2.1 Formalize County administrative procedure for the inclusion of Small Works Roster solicitation into the procurement process for public work projects


3.1 All Executive Departments, Offices and Agencies.


4.1 Revised Code of Washington 36.32.235 and 39.04.155 and King County Code 4.16.


5.1 "IA" refers to the Implementing Agency (i.e. Executive department, office or agency) responsible for administering the contract.

5.2 "PCSS" means Professional and Construction Services Section of the Procurement and Contract Services Division of the Department of Finance.

5.3 "Public Work" means all work, construction, alteration, repair, or improvement other than ordinary maintenance, executed at the cost of the County, or which is by law a lien or charge on any property therein.

5.4 "Qualified" means properly licensed, registered or certified, where required by law, to perform the specific category of work identified.

5.5 "Small Works Roster" means a listing of all public works projects related contractors who requested to be included and, who are qualified to perform work in the specific category(ies) identified, and who are eligible to bid for small public works projects of less than $200,000 each.


6.1 IAs may use the small works roster method to award public works contracts for any project with an estimated cost of two hundred thousand dollars or less.

6.2 PCSS may establish rosters for different construction disciplines.

6.3 The small works roster shall be comprised of qualified contractors.

6.4 PCSS shall actively solicit roster enrollment of small businesses, including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.

6.5 PCSS shall award contracts to the contractor submitting the lowest bid and who is responsive and responsible.

6.6 Once a contractor in a small works roster category has been offered an opportunity to submit a bid, that contractor shall not be eligible for another opportunity to bid within that category until all other appropriate contractors on that category list have been offered an opportunity to submit a bid on a contract.


Action By Action
PCSS 7.1 Advertise annually in the County's legal paper of record and other media, including minority and woman owned, as appropriate, to solicit applications for the small public works roster(s) from qualified contractors for specific categories of public work. These rosters will be used for the next calendar year to contract for services for projects, with estimated costs not to exceed two hundred thousand dollars.
PCSS 7.2 Evaluate applications and add qualified contractors to the respective small works roster(s) for the work categories identified.
IA 7.3 Submit request to PCSS to conduct small works roster solicitation, including work scope to be performed, necessary responsibility qualifications, as well as the materials and equipment to be used.
PCSS 7.4 Prepare and distribute Invitations-to-Bid to not less than five, whenever possible, separate appropriate contractors who shall be requested to submit bids on an individual project by a specific deadline.
PCSS 7.5 Open and read aloud in public all bid responses received.
PCSS 7.6 Select the contractor submitting the lowest responsible bid in accordance with the terms and conditions of the solicitation.


8.1 PCSS is responsible for establishing and maintaining the small works roster in accordance with RCW 36.32.235 and 39.04.155 and with input from Departments.

8.2 PCSS is responsible for small works roster solicitations.

8.3 IAs are responsible for ensuring the projects will not exceed $200,000 before initiating a request to PCSS for a small public works solicitation.

8.4 Departments in consultation with PCSS are responsible for determining whether a project costing less than $200,000 will be bid using the small public works roster or the advertised process for public works contracts; and the Department is responsible for developing specifications accordingly. Notification to PCSS should allow sufficient time to allow for the processing of these bids and contracts.

8.5 Departments are responsible for planning far enough in advance to permit adequate time to process bids and contracts.