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Document Code No.: FES 12-4 (AEP)
Department/Issuing Agency: Department of Transportation/Fleet Administration Division
Effective Date: March 23, 1998
Approved: /s/ Paul Tanaka
Type of Action: New

Signed document (PDF, 1.84 MB)

1.0 SUBJECT TITLE: Vehicle and Equipment Acquisition, Commercial Rental and Leasing, Employee Provided Vehicles, and Disposition


    2.1 To provide uniform procedures relating to the acquisition, commercial rental and leasing, disposition, and the use of employee provided vehicles.


    All King County Executive departments, offices and agency fleets managed by Fleet Administration.


    4.1 King County Ordinance No. 11955 and Amending Ordinance No. 12441 (relating to reorganization of county agencies).

    4.2 King County Executive Order Polices and Procedures -- FES 10-1 (AEP) Personal Property Inventory Management.

    4.3 King County Administrative Policies and Procedures -- CON 7-5-1 (AP) Requisition for Procurement Process.

    4.4 King County Ordinance No. 12045 (relating to acquisition, management, sale, leasing and disposition of personal and real property).

    4.5 King County Ordinance No. 12077 (relating to the County's Personnel Policies).


    5.1 "Vehicles" means cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and off-road equipment.

    5.2 "New vehicles" means vehicles that are purchased by an agency as an expansion to the fleet.

    5.3 "Purchase requisitions" means a requisition to King County Purchasing Agency prepared by the requesting agencies for the purchase of vehicles.

    5.4 "Replacement vehicles" means new vehicles that replace vehicles that are bing surplused,

    5.5 "Surplus vehicles" means vehicles removed from Fleet's inventory for disposal.

    5.6 "Vehicle/equipment rental and leasing" means vehicles rented or leased by a County agency from a commercial vendor.

    5.7 "Employee provided vehicles" means employees authorized for using their personal vehicles to conduct County business.

    5.8 "Emergency" means the existence of a situation that poses an imminent threat to life and property or a situation of an emergency nature.

    5.9 "Rental charges" means the replacement, operating and maintenance, and overhead charged by Fleet for each vehicle.

    5.10 "Special purpose" means vehicles that require substantial modification from the original manufacturer's specification, i.e., Public Safety Search and Rescue vehicles, or vehicles that are manufactured for a single purpose application, i.e., street sweepers.


    6.1 Except as provided by a collective bargaining agreement, County agencies shall use County provided vehicles and equipment whenever practical to conduct County business whenever the rental charge of a County provided vehicle of the same vehicle class is less than the rental/lease charge of commercial vehicles and equipment. The Office of the Sheriff's commercially leased vehicles for undercover operation are exempt.

    6.2 Where automobile transportation is necessary, a County vehicle shall be used where practical. Authorized use of a private automobile shall be reimbursed at the rate consistent with the provision of Ordinance No. 12077, Section 8. Agencies shall review the existing employee provided vehicle reimbursement policies and practices, and be in compliance within one year after the effective date of this policy.

    6.3 Mileage reimbursement for occasional use of employee provided vehicles to conduct County business is permitted consistent with Ordinance No. 12077, and Executive Order, FIN 10-1 (AEP).

    6.4 Fleet Administration Division shall acquire, lease, maintain, provide contract services, and manage all County vehicles and equipment.

    6.5 County agencies shall submit all requests for vehicle acquisition and leasing/rental to Fleet Administration Division for review and submittal to the Finance Procurement Office.

    6.6 Fleet Administration Division shall determine those vehicles to be surplused.

    6.7 Fleet Administration Division shall initiate all requisitions for purchase of replacement of vehicles.

    6.8 Requests for commercial rental or leasing of all vehicles and equipment shall be forwarded to the Fleet manager for review and processing, only after the requester has first checked within his/her department and with the Fleet equipment supervisors, to determine whether vehicles and equipment are available internally. The fleet manager and the requesting agency shall jointly determine whether the request for the vehicle or equipment constitutes a long term need. If it is determined that the need is long term and there are no existing vehicles/equipment in the fleet to meet the requester's need, the requesting agency in collaboration with Fleet shall determine whether to purchase the equipment rather than to lease.

    6.9 In the case of an emergency, if there are no apparent vehicles/equipment available to meet the nature of the emergency, agencies may rent vehicles/equipment as necessary and notify Fleet Administration Division manager of such action within a reasonable time frame not to exceed five working days. Upon receiving such notification, the fleet manager or his/her designee shall determine whether the need for emergency vehicle/equipment can be met internally. If the need can be met with existing fleet vehicles, the fleet manager or his/her designee shall notify the respective agency accordingly. Requesting agencies in collaboration with Fleet shall determine whether existing vehicles will meet their needs. Emergency rental shall cease when the agency is notified that vehicles/equipment are available in the existing fleet that meet their needs.


    Action By: Requesting Agency


      7.1 Coordinate with either the Fleet Administration Division manager or his/her designee in developing specifications for special purpose vehicles.

      7.2 Prepare and submit all purchase requisitions for vehicle acquisition to Fleet Administration Division.

      7.3 Forward requests for commercial rental and leasing to Fleet Administration Division for review and processing only after first checking within your department and with Fleet supervisors to determine whether vehicles are available internally.

    Action By: Fleet Administration Division


      7.4 Review and give signature approval for all specifications for vehicles developed in collaboration with the requesting agency.

      7.5 Prepare and send purchase requisitions to Procurement Services Division for processing.

    Action By: Procurement Services Division


      7.6 Conduct the procurement process in accordance with King County policy and procedures and applicable regulation.

    Action By: Fleet Administration Division


      7.7 Designate vehicles to be surplused in accordance with established policies and procedures.

      7.8 Forward surplused vehicle list to Property Services Division for processing.


    8.1 The Department of Transportation, Fleet Administration Division is responsible for:
      8.1.1 Ensuring King County vehicies are managed in a manner consistent with the provisions of these Executive Orders, Policies and Procedures, as referenced.

      8.1.2 Ensuring that these Executive Orders, Policies and Procedures are current with applicable County policies and procedures.

      8.1.3 Determining whether existing fleet vehicles are readily available to meet agency requests for rental, leasing, and employee provided vehicles.

    8.2 All County agencies and offices are responsible for:

      8.2.1 Establishing and maintaining departmental policies and procedures consistent with this Executive Order Policy and Procedures.

      8.2.2 Providing such information as required by Fleet Administration Division consistent with the provision of these policies.

      8.2.3 Distributing this Administrative policy and procedures to employees.