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Document Code No.: INF 8-3 (AEP)
Department/Issuing Agency: Information Resource Council
Effective Date: April 18, 1998
Approved: /s/ Paul Tanaka
Type of Action: New

Signed document (PDF, 757 KB)


To establish policies to ensure that King County has a consistent approach for all of its on-line communication, whether for the public or employees. Users who access these sites not only access individual agencies' sites - they tap into the complete, integrated resources of the County's presence on the Web.


2.1 Appropriate Use of the World Wide Web
2.1.1 Any information published on the lnternet should be reviewed and approved as if the same information was printed on paper.

2.2 County Standards

2.2.1 All publications on the World Wide Web must follow current County World Wide Web Publishing standards.




4.1 Internet: a global set of interconnected smaller networks that transfer data between computer applications.

4.2 Intranet: an interconnected network that is separated from the Internet by a firewall, generally internal to an organization.

4.3 File Transfer Protocol: the rules used to implement the transfer of files regardless of type across a network infrastructure; often abbreviated as FTP.

4.4 World Wide Web: a world wide set of documents, software, and the rules to connect them; one of the services offered across the Internet; often abbreviated as WWW.

4.5 Download: to copy and retain computer files.

4.6 World Wide Web Server: a computer that is at least partially dedicated to processing WWW requests, a server that has an Internet application that services HTTP protocol requests.

4.7 Firewall: software or hardware that isolates a corporate intranet from the Internet; typically allowing access to the Internet but not allowing users from the Internet access to the intranet.


5.1 The Information and Telecommunications Services Division will:
· Coordinate County World Wide Web development and growth;

· Communicate and educate County employees about the County's World Wide Web publishing development and maintenance responsibilities and County web publishing guidelines;

· Will maintain and improve World Wide Web technology as needed by county agencies, and will advise about what does and does not work in the existing county-wide web system;

· Provide and retain the required World Wide Web publication approval form for sign-off by agency management;

· Supply County World Wide Web publishing templates and other standard graphics;

· Provide a dedicated FTP server where an agency can store files for download from the County's World Wide Web site;

· Perform a general review of sites before they are posted on the Internet to ensure they meet County World Wide Web publishing standards;

· Provide technical assistance to get County World Wide Web pages up and running based on the design, implementation and maintenance arrangements made above;

· Provide technical assistance after County World Wide Web pages are up and running on a limited and as-needed basis.

5.2 County agencies will:

· Develop appropriate content for agency World Wide Web publications;

· Maintain agency World Wide Web publications;

· Respond to inquiries related to the agency's business.


6.1 County Executive employees.


7.1 King County World Wide Web Publishing Standards

7.2 INF 8-1 (AEP), "Internet and World Wide Web Usage" policy


8.1 Internet, Intranet World Wide Web, WWW.