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Document Code No.: LES 7-1 (AEP)
Department/Issuing Agency: Executive Office
Effective Date: March 30, 1995
Approved: /s/ Gary Locke
Type of Action: New

Signed document (PDF, 264 KB)

1.0 SUBJECT TITLE: Boards and Commissions - Annual Reporting and Appointments


2.1 To establish a County-wide process for appointment to citizen boards, commissions, and other similar groups.


3.1 All King County boards, commissions and other similar groups as defined in Section 5 of this policy.

3.2 Staff liaisons to boards and commissions and other similar groups that function independently of King County but where King County makes an appointment to said board or commission.


4.1 King County Code referenced by particular board or commission.

4.2 Ordinance 11319 (5/18/94)


5.1 For purposes of these policies and procedures, a:
5.2.1 "Staff liaison" is the King County employee whose responsibility it is to provide direct staff support to the board or commission.

5.2.2 "Board" or "Commission" shall be (A) any body legislatively created by federal, state, county/local authority, or other legal instrument including memoranda of understanding and inter-local agreements whose members are appointed by the Executive; (B) any body created by administrative order and whose members are appointed by the Executive; or (C) any body assembled by an Executive Branch Department whose members are selected by the departmental staff.


6.1 Citizen boards and commissions are an important element of King County government To ensure the proper functioning of County government, it is imperative that these boards and commissions remain productive and fulfill their respective mandates. To ensure their competency, it is also imperative that the Executive appoint qualified citizens who reflect the human diversity of King County and who represent all geographic areas of the County.

6.2 It is the intention of the Executive to appoint members who represent the diverse communities of King County and to provide a balance of race, sex, disabilities, point-of-view, geographical area, and the specific needs of the board/commission. The recruiting methods employed by staff shall include strategies to achieve this balance.

6.3 It is the intention of the Executive Office to rely on the designated staff liaison to each board and commission to facilitate the appointment process and to keep the Executive Office informed of the current status of the boards and commissions.

6.4 All appointments shall be made for specified terms and a two-term limitation for all appointments shall be observed unless otherwise provided by ordinance or motion or waived by the Executive for unusual circumstance.

6.5 Unless otherwise specified by the enabling legislation or waived by the Executive, King County employees and non-residents of King County shall not serve on King County's citizen boards and commissions.


Action By: Department/Board


7.1 DESIGNATED BOARD/COMMISSION LIAISON: Each County agency responsible for a board or commission and each independent board/commission shall designate one person as the liaison with the Executive Office for purposes of appointments, updating board/commission information and status, and for other contacts with the Executive Office as needed.

Action By: Liaison


7.2.1 In the Fall of each year, each active board or commission liaison shall send to the Executive Office an annual membership list for that board or commission together with an annual activities report and documentation of any legislative changes that impact the board or commission's structure or purpose.

Action By: Executive Office


7.2.2 By December 31 of each year, the Executive Office shall transmit a copy of the updated information on each board and commission to the Metropolitan King County Council pursuant to Ord. 11319 and to the Board of Ethics.

Action By: Liaison


7.3 NOTIFICATION OF VACANCIES: The board/commission liaison shall, using the format in Attachment A, notify the Executive Office and Clerk of the Council of upcoming term expirations at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration and other vacancies as soon as known.

Action By: Board Staff


7.4.1 The agency/staff providing administrative support for the board/commission has primary responsibility for recruiting potential nominees for appointment to the board/commission. The Executive Office shall refer all interested persons and nominations from other sources to the appropriate board/commission liaison.

Action By: Executive Office


7.4.2 The Executive Office shall:
(A) Annually prepare a general recruiting brochure for wide public distribution.

(B) Twice yearly issue a press release on board/commission activity and invite interested persons to apply.

Action By: Board Staff


7.5 RECOMMENDATION PROCESS: Recommendations submitted by the staff liaison shall include:
7.5.1 A number of candidates greater than the number of positions to be filled and why they were recommended over other candidates.

7.5.2 An analysis of the effect the recommended appointment will have on the board/commission composition, paying particular attention to the effect the prospective appointment will have on board/commission representation with regard to race, sex and geographical location, and any other characteristics necessary to represent the interests of the group being served by the board/commission.

7.5.3 A description of the recruitment process documenting how citizens and community groups were notified of the vacancy.

Action By: Executive Office


7.6 APPOINTMENT: The Executive Office shall appoint new members and reappoint sitting members to boards and commissions.


8.1 The Department or Board is responsible for assigning a staff liaison with the Executive Office.

8.2 The Executive Office is responsible for appointing new members and reappointing sitting members to boards and commissions, preparing recruiting brochures and issuing press releases summarizing collectively board and commission activities, and annually providing the Council with an updated board and commission report.

8.3 The Staff Liaison is responsible for notifying the Executive Office and the Clerk of the Council of upcoming term expirations and is responsible for notifying applicants who were not appointed. The liaison shall send to the Executive Office the board or commission membership list, an annual summary of activities, and documentation of legislative changes affecting the board or commission.