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Document Code No.: RPM 9-1 (AEP)
Department/Issuing Agency: Executive Administration
Effective Date: September 14, 1987
Approved: /s/ Tim Hill
Type of Action: New (Revises RPM 2, 12/19/86)

Signed document (388 KB)

1.0 SUBJECT TITLE: Office Standards for County Agencies


2.1 To establish standards and goals for the acquisition and utilization of owned and leased County office space.


All County Executive departments and agencies.


4.1 K.C.C 2.16.090, Section C assigns the Real Property Division responsibility for providing support to all County agencies needing to acquire new or additional space.

4.2 KCC 4.04.040, Section 5 authorizes the County Executive to enter into lease or rental contracts for a period up to three years, provided cancellation clauses are provided to terminate the contract prior to the end of the current budget year. Section 5 further authorizes the County Council, at the request of the County Executive, to adopt an ordinance permitting the County to enter into contracts requiring the payment of funds from appropriations of subsequent fiscal years.

4.3 KCC 2.16.090, Section F assigns the Facilities Management Division, Department of Executive Administration, responsibility for maintaining the County's physical plant in good general condition and maintaining and controlling the inventory of all King County personal property.

4.4 KCC 2.16.090 assigns the Purchasing Agency, Department of Executive Administration, responsibility for the centralized purchasing process for materials and services purchased by the County.


5.1 The "Executive Space Committee" consists of representatives from (a) the Department of Executive Administration, (b) the Budget Office and (c) the requesting department or agency.


6.1 LOCATION: Office space shall be used as a management tool to improve and increase communication, to coordinate and control, and to make County departments/agencies accessible to the public.
6.1.1 Leased office space in the downtown Seattle area shall be located as close as possible to the Courthouse complex and consolidated in as few buildings as possible. Whenever practical, the need for additional space shall be accommodated within the existing stock of County-owned or leased office space. Exceptions to these criteria shall be made for those offices/agencies which serve a particular geographic area of the County.

6.2 COST: The cost per square foot of leased office space shall compare favorably with the fair market value of similar quality space in the immediate vicinity.

6.2.1 When the County holds an option to extend the term of an existing lease or to increase or retain space in a currently leased building, the Executive may renegotiate such a lease on a non-competitive basis, provided a survey of the leasing market is conducted to ensure the available lease is price competitive. Moving costs shall be considered in any such cost comparisons.

6.2.2 Except as provided in 5.2.1, competitive proposals shall be solicited before entering into any lease for office space.

6.3 QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY: The quality and efficiency of any additional leased office space shall be approximately equivalent to the space currently used by County employees and shall create a good working environment.

6.4 AMOUNT OF SPACE: The following space standards shall be used (a) to plan office space needs when the County leases, purchases, or builds additional office space and (b) to plan office space when the County re-allocates or remodels its existing stock of leased or owned space:

Job Classification Square Feet

Elected Officials 300-400 (excluding judges)
Department Directors 250-350
Division Managers 200-250
Section Heads 110-130
Professional Staff 85-100
Clerical 50-70
Circulation up to 25%

6.4.1 These space standards may be modified to reflect actual conditions of a building.

6.4.2 These space standards will not be used to determine the adequacy of the existing office space of any individual or work unit.

6.4.3 When specialized facilities are required, these needs will be computed separately and added to the space needs as determined by the space standards.

6.5 CODE REQUIREMENTS: Any building in which the County leases or owns space shall be in compliance with County/City handicapped, fire and building codes.

6.6 FORM OF AGREEMENT: Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, the County's standardized form of lease agreement, as approved by the Prosecuting Attorney, shall be used for all office leasing.

6.6.1 The Prosecuting Attorney must approve all changes to the standardized form and the use of any lease other than the standard form.

6.7 OFFICE LANDSCAPING: Wherever feasible, open office landscaping shall be implemented when the County acquires or remodels office space.

6.7.1 Private offices, in conformance with space standards, shall be provided for elected officials, department directors, division managers, section heads, and administrative assistants to department directors. Special space requirements will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

6.7.2 Professional staff shall be provided partitioned space. Where financially feasible, systems furniture shall be provided for partitioned office space.

6.7.3 An adequate number of conference rooms shall be provided to accommodate the need for private conferences and other meetings.

6.8 OFFICE FURNISHINGS: Orders placed for new carpeting, modular partitions, and systems furniture shall be in accordance with County standards for quality, serviceability, and cost.

6.8.1 Where standard office furniture is used, the County's furniture refurbishing program shall be utilized before new furniture is purchased.


7.1 Requests for new or additional space are made by completing a "Lease/Rental Request Form" which may be obtained from the Department of Executive Administration.
7.1.1 The "Lease/Rental Request Form" must be signed by the appropriate department director or agency head. Such signature gives assurance that sufficient funds have been appropriated to accommodate the request.

7.2 All questions about these policies/procedures should be directed to the Department of Executive Administration (344-3824).


8.1 The Department of Executive Administration is responsible for (a) ensuring compliance with these policies as outlined in Section 5 and for (b) working with the department/agency requesting additional office space to ensure that space needs requests are being met.

8.2 The Department of Executive Administration, Real Property Division, is responsible for soliciting proposals and for conducting competitive negotiations for office space.

8.3 The County Executive, via the CAO Agenda, is responsible for approving all office space leases whose terms are three years or less.

8.4 The County Council, the County Executive concurring, is responsible for approving all office space leases whose terms extend beyond three years.

8.5 The Department of Executive Administration, Purchasing Agency, is responsible for referring all requests for carpeting, partitions, and systems furniture to Facilities Management for review prior to purchase. Purchasing shall refer the request to Facilities within ten working days.

8.6 The Department of Executive Administration, Facilities Management Division, is responsible for reviewing all requests and specifications for carpeting, partitions, and systems furniture; for maintaining a storage place for the County's furniture inventory; and for coordinating with agencies desiring to acquire available or refurbish existing furniture.

8.7 The Executive Space Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving all requests for new or additional space in excess of 3,000 square feet before budgetary authority is requested and lease proposals are sought or negotiated. Decisions of the Executive Space Committee may be appealed to the County Executive or his/her designee.


This appendix is available from Facilities Management Division:

9.1 Request For Lease/Rental of Premises form.