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Document Code No.: ACO 8-15 (AEO)
Department/Issuing Agency: Office of the Executive
Effective Date: December 14, 1993
Approved: /s/ Tim Hill
Type of Action: Rescinding ACO 8-7 Through 8-14 (AEO) : CO 8-7 (AEO, ACO 8-8 (AEO), ACO 8-9 (AEO), ACO 8-10 (AEO), ACO 8-11 (AEO), ACO 8-12 (AEO), ACO 8-13 (AEO), ACO 8-14 (AEO)

Signed document (PDF, 564 KB)

WHEREAS, Ordinance No. 10897 establishes a new department, the Department of Construction and Facilities Management, effective July 2, 1993; and

WHEREAS all Executive Policies/Procedures, Orders and Directives pertaining to the development of the new Department of Construction and Facilities Management, which were in effect prior to July 2, 1993 are no longer in effect;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Tim Hill, King County Executive, do order the following Executive Policies/Procedures, Orders and Directives, issued previous to July 2, 1993, and not designated to be rewritten and retained, be listed in numerical order and rescinded:

ACO 8-7 (AEO) Transfer of Capital Planning and Development Personnel and Budget to Facilities Management Division

ACO 8-8 (AEO) Interim Procedures for Engineering and Maintenance Functions at the King County International Airport

ACO 8-9 (AEO) Interim Procedures for Maintenance Functions at the Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

ACO 8-10 (AEO) Interim Procedures for Maintenance and Functions for Department of Public Safety

ACO-8-11 (AEO) Interim Procedures for Maintenance Functions for King County District Court

ACO-8-12 (AEO) Interim Procedures for Maintenance Functions for Public Health Centers

ACO-8-13 (AEO) Parks Division Capital Improvement Program Transfer to the Facilities Management Division

ACO-8-14 (AEO) Interim Procedures for Facilities Management Functions for Public Works Administration

/s/ Tim Hill, King County Executive


/s/ Sonia Soelter, Manager
Records and Elections Division