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Document Code No.: CPM-11-2-EO
Affected Agencies: All Executive Branch Agencies of King County Government
Sponsoring Agency: King County Department of Executive Services
Effective Date: July 28, 2017
Approved: /s/ Dow Constantine
Type of Action: New

Signed document (PDF, 1MB)

This order ensures that King County veterans programs and assistance are available to any transgender service member discharged due to the federal government’s stated policy of discharging transgender persons in military service.

WHEREAS, King County strives to recognize and honor the service of military veterans and the sacrifices they have made to benefit their community and their country, and

WHEREAS, the number of veterans who are homeless or living below the federal poverty level is increasing, and translating military service experience into private-sector job applications can be challenging, and

WHEREAS, veterans, especially those who have served since age 18, often return home without the credit and rental history necessary to find housing in a competitive market, and

WHEREAS, King County voters have twice approved a Veterans and Human Services levy, providing funding to connect military veterans and people who are vulnerable to programs and services that will help them live healthy, productive and meaningful lives, including but not limited to affordable housing, job training, employment assistance, and behavioral health treatment, and

WHEREAS, on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump indicated via social media his intent to bar transgender individuals from service in the U.S. Armed Forces, and

WHEREAS, this decision, once implemented, could result in the immediate discharge of many members of the United States Armed Forces, regardless of their performance during military service, and

WHEREAS, King County Code and internal policies prohibit discrimination against any person on the basis of sex, race, color, marital status, national origin, religious affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or age except by minimum age and retirement provisions, and

WHEREAS, King County sets its own policies for provision of services and has no intention of ratifying or enforcing discriminatory federal policy, and

WHEREAS, King County intends to continue honoring and serving transgender people – and all people – who have sacrificed to safeguard our nation.

NOW, THEREFORE, I Dow Constantine, King County Executive, do hereby order and direct:

King County veterans programs and assistance will be provided to all members of the veterans community, including any transgender service member discharged due to changes in federal policy, and all King County agencies will serve or continue to serve transgender veterans – and all veterans of military service.

Dated this 28 day of July, 2017.

/s/ Dow Constantine
King County Executive

/s/ Sean Bouffiou for Norm Alberg
Director, Records and Licensing Services Division