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Document Code No.: INF 10-2-1 (AEO)
Department/Issuing Agency: Executive Office
Effective Date: March 1, 2002
Approved: /s/ Ron Sims
Type of Action: Supersedes INF 10-2 (AEO) dated February 14, 2002

Signed document (PDF, 4.65 MB)

This order requires all departments to fully participate in the On-line Internet Telephone Directory and provides county agency directors with objective standards for excluding employees based on legitimate safety concerns.

WHEREAS, the purpose of the King County On-line Internet Telephone Directory (hereinafter "Directory") is to provide open access to county government and the people who carry out the work of the county; and

WHEREAS, legitimate safety concerns warrant the exclusion of some county employees from the directory; and

WHEREAS, all county employees and agency Directors benefit from the uniform application of objective standards for decisions about the exclusion of some employees from the directory;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Ron Sims, King County Executive do hereby order and direct:

1. All departments of King County government are required to fully participate in the Directory by submitting and updating employee and group contact information.

2. If a Department determines that listing an employee or a group of employees would seriously and substantially compromise their work or safety, the director of that agency may elect either not to include those employees in the Directory or to restrict the listing to the county Intranet only.

3. APPROVED EXEMPTED EMPLOYEE CATEGORIES: Employees with positions in the following non-exclusive list are exempted from listing in the Directory. Departmental Directory Data Coordinators will not list any employees with positions listed below unless specifically directed by their Department Director. Directors are cautioned that placing an employee name in the Directory will make that entry available in a public disclosure request even if the information was previously considered exempt from public disclosure. Moreover, placing an employee name in the Directory may make information on other employees in comparable positions subject to public disclosure.

a) Chemical Dependency Counselors

b) Prosecuting Attorney's Office employees

c) Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention employees

d) District Court Probation employees

e) District and Superior Court Clerks, Bailiffs, and Court Reporters

f) Public Health Jail Health Services employees

g) Public Health North Rehabilitation Facility employees

h) Emergency Medical Technicians

i) Sheriff's Office personnel (Sworn and Professional)

j) 911 Emergency Telephone Operators

k) Transit Operators

l) County Designated Mental Health Professionals

m) Legal Financial Obligation Collectors (First name only is approved)

n) Employees who do not have a telephone/e-mail

4. REQUESTS FOR EXEMPTIONS DUE TO PERSONAL SAFETY: If an employee feels there is a legitimate personal safety reason for their name to be exempted from the directory, they should apply to their Department Director for a decision to have their Departmental Directory Data Coordinator remove their name from the Directory pursuant to departmental policy and these standards.

5. APPROVED EXEMPTIONS UNDER PERSONAL SAFETY: The following non-exclusive list is provided to assist Department Directors in determining whether there is a legitimate personal safety reason for an exemption from the Directory:

a) victim of domestic violence

b) a victim or witness to a crime

c) currently involved in the witness protection program

d) a victim of stalking

e) protected by a court issued anti-harassment, protection, restraining, or no contact order

6. PROCESS & PROCEDURES: Department Directors are responsible for making decisions in accordance with these standards about the inclusion or exclusion of employees within their departments. Each Department Director will identify a Departmental Directory Data Coordinator. Data Coordinators must maintain and update the Online Telephone Directory data pursuant to the decisions of their respective Department Directors and these standards.

DATED this 1 st day of March, 2002.

/s/ Ron Sims, King County Executive


/s/ Robert Roegner, Manager
Records, Elections and Licensing Services