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Document Code No.: PER 18-1 (AEO)
Department/Issuing Agency: Executive Office
Effective Date: October 11, 2000
Approved: /s/ Ron Sims
Type of Action: New

Signed document (PDF, 2.55 MB)

This order attests that King County government is committed to pursuing the elimination of domestic violence in our community.

WHEREAS, domestic violence is a major public policy concern of King County requiring a concentrated effort for its elimination; and

WHEREAS, domestic violence is criminal activity that statistics show affects everyone regardless of race, income, or age; occurs in every community throughout King County; and destroys relationships, families, and lives; and

WHEREAS, domestic violence is abusive behavior that is either physical, sexual, or psychological, and is intended to establish and maintain control over a family or household member; and

WHEREAS, domestic violence instills fear and harms victims and families and must not be tolerated; and

WHEREAS, King County employees and customers can be victims or perpetrators of domestic violence; and

WHEREAS, King County, as an employer, is additionally affected by domestic violence in the loss of productivity, increased health care costs, increased absenteeism, and increased employee turnover; and

WHEREAS, King County, as an employer, should provide needed support and assistance to employees who are victims of domestic violence;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Ron Sims, King County Executive do hereby order and direct:

1. All departments and agencies to:

a) Initiate actions to create a workplace environment that provides an avenue for assistance for domestic violence victims without fear of reproach.

b) Adhere to all related King County policies.

2. The Office of Human Resources Management to:

a) Ensure that personnel policies and procedures are responsive to victims of domestic violence in the King County workplace.

b) Develop and make available to all King County employees a policy that:

1) Clearly directs that the county will not tolerate domestic violence. This includes harassment or the display of violent or threatening behavior that may result in physical or emotional injury to any county employee while in county offices, facilities, work sites, vehicles, or while conducting county business.

2) Offers a method for providing assistance to domestic violence victims in a confidential setting.

3) Provides immediate assistance to victims. This assistance shall, at a minimum, include: referral to the Office of Human Resources Management Employee Assistance Program or other available counseling services; information about community resources available to assist victims of domestic violence; development of workplace safety plans that seek to minimize the risk to the victim, other employees, and clients; and information on methods to obtain civil orders for protection.

4) Follows any applicable rules or statutes, and assures that reasonable efforts will be made to adjust work schedules and/or grant accrued or unpaid leave to allow employees who are victims of domestic violence to obtain medical treatment, counseling, legal assistance, to leave the area, or to make other arrangements to create a safer situation for themselves.

5) Assures that reasonable efforts will be made to assist employees who are victims of domestic violence to find continued county employment when there is a need for the employee to relocate for safety reasons.

6) Directs managers and supervisors to take action against perpetrators who use county resources to commit the act of domestic violence and encourages county employees who are perpetrators of domestic violence to seek assistance.

DATED this 11 th day of October, 2000.

/s/ Ron Sims, King County Executive


/s/ Robert Bruce, Manager
Records and Elections

Domestic Violence in the Workplace



We commend the Executive for issuing the aforementioned Executive Order on Domestic Violence in the Workplace and we pledge the full weight of our support and cooperation.

/s/ Norm Maleng, King County Prosecuting Attorney

/s/ Dave Reichert, King County Sheriff