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Document Code No.: PRE 7-2 (AEO)
Department/Issuing Agency: Executive Office
Effective Date: May 30, 2003
Approved: /s/ Ron Sims
Type of Action: New

Signed Document (PDF, 7.5 MB)

WHEREAS, King County is comprised of immigrants from throughout the world who enhance our County's economic vitality and cultural richness; and

WHEREAS, King County has been an entity that historically respects the rights of and provides equal access to services to all individuals, regardless of race, ancestry, ethnicity, or immigration status; and

WHEREAS, The September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have left immigrant communities of color afraid to access County benefits to which they are entitled, for fear of being reported to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS); and

WHEREAS, hate crimes after September 11th have instilled fear and have left immigrant communities of color feeling unsafe, unprotected and afraid to reach out to the government agencies that are there to provide needed services; and

WHEREAS, a number of other jurisdictions in the Uniteds States, including the City of Seattle, have enacted policies or laws recognizing that their employees should properly play a limited role with respect to matters relating to immigration status; and

WHEREAS, this Executive Order is consistent with federal laws regarding localities' responsibilities to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

NOW, THEREFORE, I Ron Sims, King County Executive do hereby order and direct:

All Executive departments, offices, divisions and agencies to:

1. Insure that no King County official or employee shall inquire into the immigration status of any person, or engage in activities designed to ascertain the immigration status of any person, unless otherwise required by law, court order or as a condition of a person's initial or continued employment with King county.

2. Adhere to all related King County policies.

DATED this 30th st day of May, 2003.

/s/ Ron Sims, King County Executive


/s/ Robert Roegner, Director
Records, Elections and Licensing Services Division