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Document Code No.: LIC 8-2 (PR)
Department/Issuing Agency: DES/Records, Elections and Licensing Services
Effective Date: October 1, 2002
Approved: /s/ Paul Tanaka
Type of Action: Supersedes LIC 8 (PR), 6-64-300-A5, March 15, 1985

Signed document (PDF, 984 KB)

1.0 SUBJECT TITLE: For-Hire Driver Requirements and Standards - Written Examination


2.1 To set forth the scope and process for the written examination required of for-hire driver applicants.


3.1 King County Records, Elections and Licensing Services Division, Licensing Section.


4.1 King County Code 6.64, Taxis-Business and Drivers.

4.2 King County Public Rule, LIC-8 (PR) 6-64-300-A5 (Superseded by this rule).


5.1 "For-Hire Driver" means any person in control of, operating or driving a taxicab or for-hire vehicle and includes a lease driver owner/operator, or driver of taxicabs or for-hire vehicles as an employee.


6.1 An applicant for an initial for-hire license shall be required to complete a written examination.

6.2 The written examination will test the applicant's knowledge of the ordinance requirements and his/her geographic knowledge of King County and the surrounding areas.

6.3 The written examination shall be offered a minimum of twice per month.

6.4 Scope of the examination:

6.4.1 Section One of the examination will test the applicant's knowledge of vehicle standards and for-hire driver requirements contained in Chapter 6.64 of the King County Code and associated administrative rules. It will include for-hire driver requirements dealing with operating a taxicab or for-hire vehicle, conduct, rates, driver-passenger relations, soliciting and cruising, and taxi zones. This section will also address taxicab vehicle standards dealing with safety, defensive driving, driver (personal) safety, driver appearance, driver communication skills, sensitivity to special needs of disabled passengers, and how to make proper change.

6.4.2 Section Two of the examination will test the applicant's knowledge of geography and history of King County, Seattle and surrounding areas. The applicant will be required to use a map during the examination. The County will provide the map.

6.5 The form and scoring of the written examination will be as follows: 6.5.1 Form: Questions will be true/false, multiple choice, matching, and completion of short answer.

6.5.2 Scoring: The applicant must pass each section of the examination with a score of 80% correct or better.

6.6 The temporary license issued pursuant to K.C.C. 6.64.540 will not be issued until successful completion of the written examination.

6.7 The written examination is not required for the renewal of a for-hire driver's license unless the applicant's license has remained expired for more than one year.

6.8 An applicant who fails the written examination will have one additional opportunity to retake the examination at no charge provided the applicant reschedules and the second test is within sixty (60) days of the initial application.

6.9 If an applicant fails the written examination a second time, his/her application becomes null and void, and the applicant must wait at least sixty (60) days prior to submitting another application.

6.10 Subsequent applications require payment of applicable fees and entitle the applicant one additional opportunity, per application, to pass the written examination.

6.11 Subsequent failures will result in the application becoming null and void and require the applicant wait at least sixty (60) days before submitting another application.


Action By: Customer Service Staff


7.1 Pursuant to K.C.C. 6.64.510, staff accepts application for a for-hire driver's license and schedules applicant to take the written exam as required by K.C.C. 6.64.580.

7.2 Applicant is given study materials including a copy of the King County Taxi Code 6.64.

7.3 Staff instructs applicant to arrive at test site on time or he/she will not be allowed to enter the exam and will need to reschedule. Staff suggests that they arrive at least ten minutes prior to the start of the exam.

7.4 Licensing staff administering the exam checks identification of all examinees before admitting to the exam room.

7.5 Prior to the start of the exam, licensing staff reviews test protocol. Test material provided by the County including maps, test, and handouts shall remained the property of King County and are not to be removed from the test site.

7.6 Individual test results are recorded in each applicant's file. With proper identification/verification staff may release test results to applicant on the telephone or in person.

7.7 If applicant fails the first attempt, the applicant may reschedule for a second attempt at the test as long as it is within the initial sixty-day application period.

7.8 An applicant who fails the written test on the second attempt or more will be instructed that they cannot re-apply for sixty days from the date of the last failed test and they will need to pay a new application fee.

7.9 The staff will not allow the applicant to schedule an exam until after the 60-day period has elapsed.

7.10 Once the applicant passes the written test, the temporary license which is issued pursuant to K.C.C. 6.64.540 may be issued.


8.1 King County Licensing section is responsible for administering the for-hire driver examination as required by K.C.C. 6.64.580 and in accordance with these public rules.

8.2 The Licensing staff member proctoring the exam is responsible for verifying the identity of the examinee, reviewing test protocol and ensuring that there is no cheating during the exam.

8.3 The for-hire driver is responsible for contacting the Licensing office to schedule the exam date, arriving at the test location on time and presenting a valid driver's license.