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Document Code No.: FIN 8-7 (PR)
Department/Issuing Agency: Department of Executive Services / Records and Licensing Services Division
Effective Date: April 27, 2015
Expiration Date: September 24, 2015
Type of Action: New Emergency Rule, replaces FIN 8-6 (PR)
Approved: /s/ Tom Koney for Caroline Whalen

Signed document (PDF, 180 KB)

1.0       SUBJECT TITLE:     

1.1       EFFECTIVE DATE:  April 27, 2015

1.2       TYPE OF ACTION:  New. Replaces FIN 8-6 (PR), November 10, 2014; which expired on April 11, 2015.

1.3       KEY WORDS: (1) Taxicab; (2) Rates Display; (3) Taxi Meter; (4) Meter Rate; (5) Drop Charge

2.0       PURPOSE:     Adjust the Taxi Meter rate drop charge established in KCC 6.64.760 (4) so that the drop charge includes the $0.10 Wheelchair Accessible Fee Surcharge established under K.C.C. 6.64.111. 


3.1  Owners and/or Drivers of Taxicabs Licensed by King County

3.2  For hire Licensing Unit, Records and Licensing Services Section

3.3  Taxicab passengers

4.0       REFERENCES:

4.1 Reference Documents:   King County Code 6.64.760  Rates – requirements - rules adoption 

5.0       DEFINITIONS:

Not Applicable 

6.0       POLICIES:    

6.1.  The following apply to taxicab rates:

6.1.1.  The taximeter rates governed by this rule apply when a taxicab is not operating on an application dispatch system.    

6.1.2.  A taxicab shall have one rate on its meter, except a taxicab licensed by both the city of Seattle and King County shall have two rates on its meter.

6.1.3.  Except for special or contract rates as provided for in K.C.C. 6.64.760 and this rule, any per trip fee established by the Port of Seattle and set forth in any operating agreement or tariff, any toll or charge established for roads, bridges, tunnel or ferries, or when operating on an application dispatch system, it shall be unlawful for anyone operating a taxicab licensed by King County to charge, demand or receive any greater or lesser rate than the following:

            Meter rate


drop charge: for passengers for first 1/9 mile



per mile: for each 1/9 mile or fraction thereof after the first 1/9 mile



for every one minute of waiting time: waiting time rates are charged when taxicab speed is less than twelve miles per hour or when customer asks for taxicab to wait

$0.50 (charged at $0.30 per 36 seconds)


extra charge for passengers over two persons, excluding children under twelve years of age



special rates and contract rates as defined in this chapter shall be calculated as a percentage of the meter rate or a fixed dollar amount per trip.



all special rates must be filed with the director on a form furnished by the director.



all meter rates, special rates or contract rates shall be filed once a year at the time of annual application by the taxicab association.



licensees may change any filed special rate no more than once a year.



rates for new contracts acquired or changed during the license year shall be filed within two weeks of filing the contract and before implementing the contracted rate. Contracts must be between taxicab associations or owners and legal business entities.


6.1.4.  The rates specified in this section shall not apply to transportation of persons provided pursuant to a written contract that establishes a fare at a different rate for specified transportation and that has been previously filed with the director.  No contract may include any provision that directly or indirectly requires exclusive use of the transportation services of the contracting taxicab or for-hire vehicle.

6.1.5.  It is unlawful to make any discriminatory charges to any person or to make any rebate or in any manner reduce the charge to any person, unless the charge conforms to the discounts or surcharges contained in the filed rates.

6.1.6.  It is unlawful under the Americans with Disabilities Act to charge a special service vehicle rate that is different from the taxicab rates adopted in subsection A. of this section, except in those instances where the transportation of disabled persons is pursuant to a written contract as specified in subsection D. of this section. 

7.0       PROCEDURES:

7.1 Action By: Taxicab Owners        

Action: Prior to providing service, ensure thatthe taximeter reflects a Drop Charge of $2.60

7.2 Action By: For-hire Licensing Unit

Action:    Coordinate with the City of Seattle to maintain Drop Charge of $2.60.


8.1 For-hire Licensing Unit

8.1.1  Coordinate with the City of Seattle to maintain Drop Charge of $2.60.

8.2 Taxicab Owners/Drivers

8.2.1 Ensure that the taximeter reflects a $2.60 Drop Charge.

9.0       APPENDICES:  None