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Document Code No.: RPM 14-1 (PR)
Department/Issuing Agency: Department of Public Works/Roads and Engineering Division
Effective Date: November 30, 1987
Approved: /s/ Tim Hill
Type of Action: New

Signed document (PDF, 2.4 MB)

1.0 SUBJECT TITLE: Permit Procedure for Overhead Utility Installations Within Existing or Proposed King County Right-Of-Way


2.1 To establish a standard procedure for franchised utilities and developers to apply for permits for utility pole installations within existing or proposed King County road right-of-way.


3.1 Developers, franchised utilities

3.2 King County Department of Public Works, Roads and Engineering Division

3.3 King County Executive Administration, Real Property Division

3.4 King County Parks, Planning and Recreation Department, Building and Land Development Division


4.1 King County Road Standards

4.2 King County Ordinance 8041

4.3 King County Code 02.16.040


5.1 "Emergency Procedure" is the permit procedure used by utilities after replacing a damaged pole or poles after an accident or natural disaster. This procedure allows the utility to apply for a Right-of-Way Construction permit, if necessary, after the work is performed.


6.1 All permit applications for overhead utilities within existing or proposed county road right-of-way shall be submitted in accordance with the King County Road Standards.

6.2 All permits shall be accompanied by a completed and signed certification of conformance form. Blank forms are available from the Real Property Division.

6.3 Plans accompanying the permit application shall be at a scale which allows the reviewer/inspector to accurately locate the proposed pole locations. The minimum scale shall be one inch equals 400 feet. The preferred scale is one inch equals 100 feet.

6.4 If any installation is to be made in accordance with an exception as defined in the Road Standard, Section 8.01C, a copy of every required variance shall accompany the permit request.

6.5 Plan Requirements: Plans shall provide dimensional data locating pole(s) with reference to roadway elements and other above-ground features. Such data shall include the following, if applicable:

6.5.1 Road stationing, if available
6.5.2 Cross streets and/or other longitudinal reference
6.5.3 Road curve data
6.5.4 Road centerline
6.5.5 Edge of pavement or curb
6.5.6 Sidewalk or other pedestrian facility
6.5.7 Roadside ditch
6.5.8 Planted/landscaped trees

6.6 King County recognizes that the roadway right-of-way is for the benefit of the utilities as well as the travelling public. In the event that a King County budgeted capital improvement project causes a utility to be in violation of the requirements of this rule, and a pole or poles will be required outside the existing right-of-way, the county will make reasonable attempts to provide an easement or additional right-of-way for the placement of the pole(s).


Action By: Applicant Action:

7.1.1 Applies to the County Road Engineer for any variances to the King County Road Standards, if necessary, prior to applying to Real Property Division for Right of Way Construction Permit. Attaches an approved, signed variance approval to the application, if requesting a variance.

7.1.2 Submits the following to Real Property Division: Certification Forms (1 each); Application Form (1 each); plans/drawings (2 each).

Action By: Real Property Division


7.1.3 Checks application, Certification forms, and plans and drawings for completeness, correctness, and code compliance. Notes use of right-of-way on plans/drawings.

7.1.4 Prepares Petition for Permit to Perform Work on King County Right of Way.

7.1.5 Sends one copy of plans, Petition and Certification Forms to the Department of Public Works Utility Inspection Unit.

Action By: Utility Inspection Unit


7.1.6 Reviews plans, Certification Form, and Petition. Utility Inspector signs Petition if approved and returns Petition to Real Property Division with any conditions added.

Action By: Real Property Division


7.1.7 Types added conditions, if any, onto permit. Stamps approved Petition with County Road Engineer and Manager of Real Property Division stamps. 7.1.8 Retains one copy of all forms and plans; sends approved Permit to applicant; sends copy of approved Permit and plans to Utility Inspection Unit.

Action By: Applicant


7.1.9 Performs approved work in right of way after notification of Utility Inspection unit as described on face of permit.

Action By: Utility Inspection Unit


7.1.10 Inspects work for conformance to the permit.


Action By: Applicant Action:

7.2.1 Performs emergency repair work on right of way.

7.2.2 Notifies Real Property Division by phone as soon as feasible, but not later than the next working day, that work has been done.

Action By: Real Property Division


7.2.3 Types Permit and notifies utility of permit number.

7.2.4 Retains copy of permit; sends permit to utility; sends copy of permit to Utility Inspection unit.

Action By: Applicant


7.2.5 Notifies Utility Inspection Unit of Permit Number, location of work performed.

Action By: Utility Inspection Unit


7.2.6 Performs inspection of emergency pole placement.


Action By: Applicant


7.3.1 Submits plans/drawings and certificate of conformance to Building and Land Development Division.

Action By: Building & Land Development Division


7.3.2 Reviews plans/drawings and certificate of conformance form.

7.3.3 Submits plans/drawings to Development Inspection Section.

Action By: Development Inspection Section


7.3.4 Inspects pole placement for conformance to plans/drawings.


8.1 Real Property Division is responsible for:

8.1.1 Accepting applications from utilities and checking for completeness and conformance with franchise requirements and determining whether work is on King County right of way.

8.1.2 Preparing petition to perform work on King County right-ofway and sending petition to Utility Inspection Unit.

8.1.3 Answering applicants' calls regarding status of petitions.

8.1.4 Maintaining a file of completed petitions and permits.

8.1.5 Collecting permit fees.

8.2 Public Works Utility Inspection Unit is responsible for:

8.2.1 Reviewing plans for completeness and compliance with King County Road Standards.

8.2.2 Inspecting and approving the pole placements.

8.3 Applicant is responsible for:

8.3.1 Completing all forms.

8.3.2 Certifying that all pole installations conform to King County Road Standards and with sound engineering principles relating to highway safety.

8.3.3 Performing work in right of way as approved on Permit and plans/drawings.

8.4 Building and Land Development Division is responsible for:

8.4.1 Reviewing plans for pole placements in proposed King County right of way.

8.4.2 Accepting and reviewing certification of conformance forms.

8.4.3 Inspecting pole placements.


This appendix is available from the Roads and Engineering Division:

9.1 Certification of Conformance form.