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If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact The Deferred Compensation Plan Administrator at 206-263-9250 or

1 What is deferred compensation?
2 Is there a Roth option?
3 Who is eligible to participate?
4 How does it work?
5 What are the maximum and the minimum deferral amounts?
6 How and when can I make changes to my contribution amount?
7 Since I did not know about the program before, may I elect to do a special catch-up?
8 How is my money invested?
9 How do I know what I have invested and how well it is doing?
10 What are the fees?
11 When can I get my money? Can I roll my money over? Is there a penalty for early withdrawal?
12 May I "rollover" my funds from other retirement plans into King County's plan?
13 Can I get the money if I have an emergency?
14 I am getting a divorce; what happens to my money?
15 Can I withdraw money to purchase a home or pay for college?
Benefits and retirement

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