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Most King County offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday, for the Thanksgiving holiday.  
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King County has entered into Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) with many of its unions to provide employees who meet specific eligibility requirements and workers with non-standard full-time schedules with up to 80 additional hours of paid leave for COVID-19-related illnesses and reasons. This leave is prorated for part-time workers and is not available to interns and short-term temporary employees (STTs). This leave is also available to non-represented employees. 

For non-represented employees, this leave has been extended until either June 25, 2021, or June 30, 2021, depending on whether the employee’s pay period is biweekly (June 25) or semi-monthly (June 30). King County is bargaining the same extension for represented employees (currently set to expire on Dec. 31, 2020). Please see below if your union has approved the MOA. This list will be updated as new MOAs are signed.

Union / Bargaining Unit 12/31/20 06/25/21 06/30/21
King County Coalition of Unions
King County Police Officers Guild -- King County Sheriff's Office  X    

King County Sheriff's Office Marshals' Guild -- County Marshals, King County Sheriff's Office

Local 587: Amalgamated Transit Union -- Metro Transit Department  X    
Local 77: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers --
Metro Transit Department
Puget Sound Police Managers Association --
Captains and Lieutenants - King County Sheriff's Office
Puget Sound Police Managers Association -- Majors - King County Sheriff's Office  X    
Technical Employees' Association --
Metro Transit Department, Capital Division - Staff

Technical Employees' Association --
Wastewater Treatment Division, Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Supervisors and Staff
Washington State Nurses Association Staff Unit  X
Washington State Nurses Association Supervisors Unit  X