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Parking changes at the Children and Family Justice Center

Parking space will be limited at the Children and Family Justice Center (CFJC) during the on-site construction of the parking garage, between Spring 2020 and 2021. Employee and visitor parking can be accessed from East Remington Court and 13th Avenue.

CFJC-based employees can help—and save money!

To make this period easier on everyone, King County’s Employee Transportation Program (ETP) is offering CFJC-based employees* alternate-transit incentives—some that may be able to cover all your commute costs for the next year. Incentives are detailed below. Start earning your incentives today!

Register for incentives

Incentive registration forms have been distributed via e-mail and are in the CFJC break rooms. Please contact Hossein Barahimi if you still need a registration form. or 206-477-5853 


FREE Metro Vanpool

  • ETP will pay vanpool costs for CFJC-based employees who join one of the 60+ vanpools currently serving First Hill and Capitol Hill
  • When 5 or more CFJC-based employees start a new King County Metro Vanpool in a 7, 12 or 15-passenger van, the program will pay all costs associated with their vanpool (van, gas, insurance, maintenance and Home Free Guarantee rides for employees whose van left early or have an unexpected emergency).
  • CFJC-based employees who join Metro Vanpool will receive a $50 signing bonus.


  • $50 signing bonus**
  • $60 per CFJC employee/month (4-person carpools)
  • $40 per CFJC employee/month (3-person carpools)
  • $30 per CFJC employee/month (2-person carpools)

Employees must carpool at least 51% of the days they travel to work.


Incentives only apply to employees who are based at the Children and Family Justice Center (1211 E. Alder Street). Not applicable to staff based out of other King County locations, even those near this facility.


All ETP-related incentives and bonuses are in the form of taxable REI and gas gift cards.

Ask Hossein!

Your Employee Transportation
Program Manager:

Hossein Barahimi

Or email