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To work, to the bus, to the park, to the store on 2 wheels instead of 4 - May is Bike Everywhere Month!

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just getting (re-)started, pump your tires, check your brakes, chain and crank, put on your helmet, and get outside for Bike Everywhere Month!


It's not just about work trips. Any bike trip from A to B counts.

Why? It's fun!

Often it's the most efficient way to get somewhere – to the grocery store, to your bus, train or boat, to your child's school or game. There's no need to park a car.
And on a bike you feel better about your health, our community, our planet.

You don't need to commit to every day, and you don't need to be an "avid" cyclist with special gear. Start where you feel comfortable and go from there.

How to hop on:

  • Join the Bike Everywhere Challenge. Register as an individual or join or start a team. Challenge other King County teams! Log your trips through May. Any 10 minute bike trip to somewhere counts.
  • On Bike Everywhere Day, Friday, May 17, ride by a celebration station. Get some treats and swag, high-five all the other riders. Keep checking the map for new locations. King County Metro and Sound Transit will share a station on the Union Station plaza at 4th Avenue South and South Jackson Street.
  • Need support, a buddy, a refresher or a bike? Check here for free rides, classes, fun activities, resources.
  • No bike? If you're not ready to buy one, how about trying an electric-assist bike share bike? Download the app for the service of your choice: Lime in Seattle, Bellevue, and Bothell, or JUMP in Seattle. Look for bike share coming soon to Redmond and Kirkland.

Thank you so much for participating in this year's Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) survey. We appreciate your help making the 2017 CTR survey a successful one.

Here are the lists of 2017 prize winners:

King County Government, as an employer, is required by the State of Washington Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law to survey its employees every two years regarding how they commute to work. Additionally, the CTR survey will enable the County to design and implement a transportation program that strives to address the diverse needs of its employees.

The CTR Survey also helps King County meet the following goals and requirements:

  • Measure how King County employees are helping reduce the environmental footprint of government operations (King County Strategic Climate Action Plan).
  • Demonstrate how employees are using King County’s Employee Transportation Program Benefits.
  • Illustrate King County’s leadership as part of community-wide Commute Trip Reduction efforts of more than 500 King County region employers.
  • The King County Health Reform Initiative program encourages employees to commute by bus, train, bike or foot. These alternatives to driving help employees improve and maintain their health through regular physical activity. Nearly one third of commuters who take mass transit meet the Surgeon General’s recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity just by walking to and from their bus or train. The survey results will help measure the success of this program.

So, thank you for helping us achieve our goals!

ETP Vanpool program is increasing the employee benefit to $65 a month!

Effective January 1, 2017, the Employee Transportation Program (ETP) is increasing the employee vanpool benefit by $20! This increase from $45 to $65 vanpool benefit is available to all King County employees who choose vanpooling as their primary transportation mode to and from work. We encourage all employees to make the most out of this reliable, one-seat commute option and consider vanpooling to work! Vanpoolers have the additional flexibility of using their ID/ORCA pass for the occasional transit trip, too!

Joining or Starting a Van

  • If you are already a vanpooler, starting January 1, ETP will pay up to $65 ($20 increase) per month towards the cost of your vanpool.
  • If you wish to start a new vanpool or join an existing vanpool—or you just have questions—please contact our Metro Vanpool program at or 206-625-4500.
  • If you wish to find an existing van to join or riders to start a new van, please visit Sign-up for a free account and search for vanpools today!
  • If you need additional information or to learn more about the program, please visit

For more information on the Vanpool program click here.

Together we used Wheel Options for more than 137,694 days in July!

  • 9,676 participants saved/shared and logged their smart trips at least 6 days.
  • 6,800 participants saved/shared at least 12 days.

Congratulations to our Sizzlin' Summer winners:

$1,500 Grand Prize Victoria Clipper Winner

  • Morgan W. - King County

$1,000 Grand Prize Summer Getaway Winners

  • Leon P. - King County
  • Tracie M. - Pierce County
  • Hector F. - Snohomish County

For a list of all 70+ winners of the Sizzlin' Summer challenge, visit All winners have been notified via email.

Also, don't forget that the statewide Wheel Options campaign will be back this October!We will be helping to celebrate 100 years of National Parks.


Your Wheel Options Around the Sound Team

ID/ORCA card holders are available

If you have any issues with your current ID/ORCA card holder or you need a new one, there are two ways to get one:

  1. Stop by to the ID & Access Control Office:

    ID/card holder

    King County Admin Building
    500 4th Avenue, Room 312
    The office is open from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

  2. Send us an email including your mail stop at and we will mail you a new Card Holder.

Important Tips to Remember When You Must Use Your Vehicle

Idling = zero MPG

Waiting for more than 30 seconds? Turn off your engine to save gas, money, and the air we breathe.

Idling more than 30 seconds burns more fuel than turning off and restarting your engine.

Improve health—Exposure to vehicle exhaust increases asthma symptoms, respiratory problems, heart disease, and cancer risk.

Help the environment—Vehicle exhaust pollutes our air and hurts our climate by producing air-toxic and global-warming pollution.

Common myths

It’s best for my car engine to warm up before driving.
False. Idling more than a few seconds is unnecessary, even on a cold morning. Just ease into your driving for the first few blocks of your trip until the engine is warm.

In terms of gas consumption and engine impact, it’s best to idle the engine rather than restart it.
False. In today’s vehicles, frequent restarting has little impact on engine components. Excessive idling can be hard on your engine as it isn’t working at peak operating temperature.

Ask Hossein!

Your Employee Transportation
Program Manager:

Hossein Barahimi

Or email