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The King County Employee Giving Program (EGP) is a One King County program reaching all employees in every corner of the county. From Assessor to Public Defender. The EGP Committee is a 15 member board representing a broad and diverse cross section of our employee population as possible.

The Committee provides direction and guidance of our amazing two time national award winning program. From policy research and development to our Annual Giving Drive. The committee touches on all five of the program’s lines of business: Annual Giving Drive, Natural Disaster Relief, Employee Development and Engagement, Policy Research and Development, and Workplace Giving Resources and Coordination. If you are interested in strategic planning and implementation, performance measurement, working with employees all across King County, and making a difference. This could be the place for you! Learn more and apply now.

The commitment involves one 2 hour meeting a month plus subcommittee work. The purposes of the Committee, prescribed in K.C.C. 3.36.030. Committee Members are interviewed and recommend by the EGP Committee, Appointed by the Executive, and Confirmed by the King County Council. We are committed to diversity and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.

Interested in being part of the Committee?
Read the full job description here. Complete a committee application and submit it to the Employee Giving Program Administrator. Applications of employees matching the needs of the committee will be invited for an interview. Final candidates will be reviewed by the Executive and forwarded as nominations to the County Council for appointment.

Committee Members


Martine Kaiser
Committee Chair 

King County Executive Office


Ashley Byrd

King County Information Technology


Matthew Perkins
Committee Vice Chair

Department of Natural Resources and Parks


Laina Poon

King County Council


Yanna Filippidis
District Court


Beth Freeman
Department of Judicial Administration


Juan Vazquez 


Brittany Sweet

Department of Public Defense


Lynda Kamrath
Sheriff's Office


​Junelle Kroontje
Program Manager

Employee Giving Program


Charlotte Grimes

Employee Giving Program


Kim Laymen (Co-Lead)| Mistica Straight (Co-Lead)| Junelle Kroontje (EGP Administrator)

The subcommittee is responsible for working with other Committee members and volunteers to lead the efforts for specific events throughout the year such as Nonprofit Expos and the Celebration. They identify and implement Annual Giving Drive specific plans including the theme, co-chairs, plan, timelines, etc.

Lluvia Ellison-Morales (Lead)| Junelle Kroontje (EGP Administrator)

The subcommittee is responsible identifying annual communications plan and strategies for the EGP and Annual Giving Drive. In addition to this, the subcommittee develops and produces outreach strategies, goal setting, and promotional materials for the program.

Matthew Perkins (Lead)| Junelle Kroontje (EGP Administrator)

The subcommittee is responsible for leading Committee recruitment efforts, including formation and revision of a recruitment plan and conducting interviews. In addition, the subcommittee identifies potential volunteer opportunities, such as at the Expo or other events throughout the year, they assist with volunteer development for the Annual Giving Drive, plan the annual retreat and identify Committee development options and the strategic planning.

Mistica Straight (Lead) | Junelle Kroontje (EGP Administrator)

The subcommittee is responsible for conducting annual eligibility reviews, recommending ways to engage nonprofits and identify ways to meet their needs while streamlining and reducing administrative impact.

Martine Kaiser (Lead) | Junelle Kroontje (EGP Administrator)

The subcommittee is responsible for reviewing bylaws, ordinances, and other governing documents as well as procedural issues that may be affected. In addition to leading efforts on potential code changes, they research, recommend, and develop policies in coordination with other subcommittees for the Annual Giving Drive and EGP.
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