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A Federation is an umbrella nonprofit group that raises money for its member nonprofit organizations through workplace giving. Often federations represent similar types of nonprofit organizations such as “children” or “the environment.”  Member nonprofits gain access to more workplaces than they would on their own. The federation also acts as one point of contact for the program and the nonprofits alike. 

Donations designated to a specific nonprofit organization within a federation will be distributed directly to that nonprofit by the federation. Since they are often organized around a common interest giving to a federation can be a powerful way to support a cause. 

2021 Participating Federations

  1. America's Best Local Charities (Code 2700)
  2. America's Charities (Code 5000)
  3. Community Health Charities (Code 4000)
  4. EarthShare Washington (Code 2500)
  5. Food Resource Network (Code 3000)
  6. Global Impact (Code 3500)
  7. Housing Development Consortium (HDC) of Seattle-King County (Code 5700)
  8. MultiCare Foundations (Code 8500)
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