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Due to COVID-19 the King County Bridge Fellowship Program is suspended until the Fall of 2021.

The King County Bridge Fellowship Program is a professional development program that engages, challenges, inspires and cultivates diverse and individual contributors through leadership development.

The Bridge program provides participants with experiences and tools they need to enhance their professional growth.

For 20 weeks participants engage in classroom learning, group projects, presentations and career development activities, as well as interviews and site visits to explore county agencies and their priorities.

Participants explore topics and themes such as human potential, growth mindset, team-building, equity and social justice, project management, resume building and public speaking.

Participants complete course curriculum designed to build professional and core leadership competencies.
Participants learn about King County's enterprise-wide goals, initiatives, operations, Labor, human resources, budget and legislative system and processes.
Participants work together as a team on a Cohort Project that addresses outstanding questions or challenges faced by King County as a whole, or by department or division.
Each participant designs an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that outlines career values, aspirations and development needs. The plan is a working document meant to propel participants forward.

Application Process


Thank you for your interest in the King County Bridge Fellowship Program! The deadline to apply is June 8, 2018, by midnight. You may send your applications to


Before You Apply

  • Review the 2018-19 Program Schedule and make sure you can commit to the schedule.  The dates can be found below under the section marked ‘Materials.’

  • Talk with your supervisor. Bridge values our relationships with participants and their employers. Your supervisor's signature is required.

  • Review the Evaluation Criteria.  This is what we will look for in scoring applications and interviews. Make sure your application includes what is reflected here.

  • Completed application. Please make sure to submit a complete application packet. The application packet will include the following


Packet A - Application Form with supervisor signature and a 600-word essay OR

Packet B - Application Form with supervisor signature and a video statement.


Please submit either Packet A OR Packet B. 


Selection Process

All applications submitted by June 8, 2018 will be reviewed. From there, 40-50 applicants will be forwarded for an in-person interview process. The in-person interview process is scheduled for June 29 and July 9, 2018. Notifications of successful candidates will go out to everyone the week of July 9, 2018.

Please stay tuned for information on how to apply to be part of the next Bridge Fellowship cohort.

Who is eligible to apply?  All full-time, appointed, Career Service, TLT employees. This program is a fit for non-supervisory staff who have successfully completed the initial six-month probationary period.

How do I increase my chances of being selected? We have increased the number of participants to 24 in order to accommodate more people. We anticipate there will be more applications than we have space available. We offer the following tips to support your success.

Make certain to do the following:

  1. Fill out your application completely
  2. If you have questions about getting a signature from an HR Manager in your department please contact us at and we will try to assist you.
  3. Make certain to read the Evaluation Criteria page which is separate from the application document.
  4. Make sure to answer all the questions on the application.

What is the video application about? Participants may submit either a video presentation or the 600-word essay. We do not require both. If you choose to submit a video presentation instead of the essay, please make sure the video presentation addresses all of the questions listed on the application form.

How many sessions am I allowed to miss? The Bridge Fellowship Program is an interactive learning experience that requires the full participation of each individual.

  1. We recommend that you miss no more than three classes.
  2. Missing more than three classes may result in an ‘incomplete’.