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Employees in a career service position may submit a job reclassification request if there has been a gradual accretion or a significant change in job duties and responsibilities. A department or division director may also submit a job reclassification request for an employee through their human resources representative.

Once a job reclassification request is submitted to the Department of Human Resources (DHR), it will be assigned to a Compensation/Classification staff member who will schedule a job audit and determine if a review of a career service position is justified. The purpose of the job audit is to explain the reclassification process, verify eligibility for a reclassification review, discuss the employee’s statement of job duties and responsibilities, and to determine what actions will be needed to reach a classification determination. When the review is completed, the Compensation/Classification staff member issues a classification determination.

In accordance with King County Personnel Guidelines or applicable collective bargaining agreement, the employee can accept or request DHR to reconsider the determination. If the employee accepts the determination, DHR and the department human resources representative will implement the classification decision based on the effective date pursuant to provisions set forth in the King County Personnel Guidelines or applicable collective bargaining agreement.

To submit a position reclassification request, please complete the Job Reclassification Request Form and email the completed form to or mail stop ADM-ES-0553.