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Providing information to people and communities with limited English proficiency

As a King County employee, what am I required to do?

  • Under our Translation Policy requirement (Executive Order), we are required to translate “public communication materials” and “vital documents” into at least Spanish and then other target languages based on the language maps (>5% of the population). You should also consider other languages based on the goals of your project and interests of the community.

  • Please check out our links to learn more about approved vendors, language maps, the tier of the most common languages in King County, and other resources on translation, interpretation and sign language.

Translation vs. interpretation

  • Translation: The conversion of written communication from one language to another in a written format.

  • Interpretation: The oral conversion of communication of a spoken message from one language to another.


Contact us:

Senayet Negusse 
Language Equity Program Manager 
King County Executive’s
Office of Equity and Social Justice

401 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104