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Vacancies: A representative of a junior taxing district within King County is needed on the CEOC. Persons interested in serving on this volunteer committee should visit the application page for more detail and submit an application. The position is open until filled.

The King County council has created three citizen's elections oversight committees.  The first was created in July 2003, the second was created in April 2005 and the current non-expiring committee was created in May 2006.  Over the years, the committees have written two substantial reports listing over 180 recommendations to improve King County elections. Nearly all the recommendations have been implemented by the County or addressed by changes to federal or state election laws. In addition, the Elections Oversight Committee provides annual reports to the Council on its activities and elections operations.

Current CEOC 
Ordinance 15453 and Ordinance 17273 created the current Citizens’ Elections Oversight Committee (CEOC). The committee is comprised of 14 members including two non-voting members; one each from the Secretary of State’s Office and the Washington State Association of County Auditors. A list of the current members and the interests they represent can be found on the Committee Membership tab of this web page.

The 14 members of the Committee are appointed by the Chair of the Council and confirmed by the County Council. The committee calls for members representing:

• A nonpartisan organization active in King County that evaluates candidates and ballot measures, such as the Municipal League; and
• A nonpartisan organization active in King County that provides elections information to the public, such as the League of Women Voters,
• The King County and state Republican and Democratic Parties,
• A King County junior taxing district,
• An independent research and policy institute,
• The Washington State Association of County Auditors,
• The Office of the Washington Secretary of State,
• The Chinese-speaking community,
• The Vietnamese-speaking community,
• Two registered King County voters.

The CEOC meets at least quarterly at the Elections headquarters building, 919 Southwest Grady Way, Renton, WA

Annual Reports:

Important CEOC Reports
May 2004: First CEOC Report
• March 2006: Report from the CEOC

Other CEOC documents
• CEOC's report on Ranked Choice Voting [4MB, pdf]
• Citizen oversight report on purchase of new election equipment
• County Executive’s transmittal letter summarizing the proposal or read the 42-page business case analyzing the proposal in detail.

Contact the Council
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