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Most King County offices will be closed on July 4, for Independence Day.  
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Oct. 15: County Council adopts amended SODO arena plan
Oct. 12: County Council to vote on amended SODO arena plan
Sept. 24: McDermott lauds the efforts toward reaching agreement on the revised arena proposal
Sept. 24: King County Councilmember Bob Ferguson’s statement regarding the Seattle City Council’s action on the proposed arena 
Sept. 11: Councilmember Larry Phillips praises renegotiated arena proposal
Sept. 11: von Reichbauer: City arena agreement “positive step” 
Sept. 11: McDermott: Looking forward to reviewing arena agreement
July 30: Council adopts amended SODO arena agreement
July 30: Dunn: Arena ordinance needed further study
July 30: Seattle Times OpEd by Councilmembers Gossett and McDermott: "The King County Council's expected vote comes after a thorough vetting"
July 17: Reminders for Thursday’s joint public hearing on the proposed SODO arena
July 12: Council Committee hears from independent expert panel on risks and benefits of arena proposal
July 11: Ferguson calls for independent Economic Impact Analysis to be included in any final arena deal
July 9: von Reichbauer calls for review of legal costs for proposed arena project
July 2: Ferguson and O’Brien to hold joint town hall meeting on arena proposal
June 19: Arena investor Chris Hansen presents to Council Budget Committee
June 19: Port of Seattle representatives, labor urge caution on proposed SODO Arena
June 14: King County Council and Seattle City Council to hold joint hearing on proposed SODO arena
May 29: King County Council begins its review of SODO arena proposal
May 25: Committee to receive first briefing on SODO arena proposal
May 24: Hague: Results of traffic study, Elway poll first step in “identifying solutions” for potential arena
May 17: Hague: Transportation solutions vital to overall arena plan 
May 16: McDermott: Budget Committee ready to examine arena proposal 
May 16:Ferguson statement on proposed arena agreement
May 16: McDermott: Budget Committee ready to examine arena proposal 
May 16: Gossett: Council will review arena proposal to ensure balance between benefits and costs 
May 16: County Councilmember Dunn: Arena proposal will be “thoroughly vetted”
Feb. 16: McDermott: Potential of arena proposal worth examining 
Feb. 16: Dunn: Looking forward to learning more about arena proposal

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