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Lambert proposes using technology to save money


Upgrading information capability, reducing use of paper


Two proposals introduced today by Metropolitan King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert would help King County save money and improve customer service with the use of electronic technology.

Based on a 2008 analysis of King County’s technology operational maturity, one proposal (Motion 2009-0439), requests the County Executive to develop a plan by Oct. 1 to move the county’s information technology capabilities to the next operational level. Last year’s analysis, conducted with an independent business value assessment tool, determined that King County’s technology currently operates at the Basic, or lowest, of four levels of maturity for the use of technology.

“King County needs to expedite technology solutions that make government more accessible to the citizens and to invest in electronic operations that save time and money,” said Councilmember Lambert, who represents Northeast King County. “Many technological advances are evolving rapidly, and these can provide operational efficiencies and reduce costs as we move up to the next level of operational maturity standards.”

The second proposal, (Motion 2009-0451), aims to reduce the number of paper forms used by King County and to migrate to electronic forms for most business uses, in order to further reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. The motion requests the county executive to prepare a plan by April 30, 2010, for replacing paper forms with electronic forms whenever feasible.

“Advancements in electronic security now make it much easier and more practical to create virtual forms rather than to fill out hard-copy forms on paper,” said Councilmember Lambert. “Court and jail records already have implemented excellent electronic systems for filling out forms. Migrating further to electronic record-keeping will protect the environment, save trees, save storage space, reduce waste, improve accessibility and save money.”

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