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Council establishes fee waiver process for disposing of disaster debris


Council or Executive can now authorize waiving of disposal fees


The Metropolitan King County Council voted today to simplify the process for granting fee waivers to dispose of debris from disaster damage, and to facilitate clean-up of debris following flooding or other disasters.

“The floods and windstorms of recent winters have served as a reminder of the importance of King County’s role in facilitating solid waste disposal for the region,” said Councilmember Kathy Lambert, who represents the Snoqualmie Valley that has been hit hard by flooding. “I am pleased that we have learned from the challenges of past storms, and we now are prepared to respond immediately in the event of damaging storms this winter. King County will be able to make disposal options for storm debris available more easily for people who have suffered damage to their homes and property.”

“This legislation gives people one less cost to worry about when trying to clean up and rebuild after a storm,” said Councilmember Larry Phillips. “Being able to dispose of storm debris free of charge will help people and communities get back on their feet quickly.”

The policy gives either the County Executive or the Council the ability to authorize waiving disposal fees at one or more solid waste transfer stations, providing drop boxes for disposal, distributing vouchers for disposal or other appropriate means of providing for free disposal of debris generated by a disaster. During past flood and storm events, fee waivers have been instituted occasionally on a case-by-case basis.

The legislation also requires reporting of tonnage accepted and estimated loss of revenue, as well as additional planning to establish clean-up policies and procedures in response to disasters.

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