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“21st Century Governance” Council adopts priorities for 2010


Motion sets goals for 2010, creates scorecard for public to monitor


A County government that earns the public’s trust, protects public health and safety, and enhances the quality of life for residents are among the 2010 priorities of the Metropolitan King County Council. Those goals are part of the “21st Century Governance” motion unanimously adopted today by the Council.

“By articulating our goals and providing the public with specific items that we can be measured against, we are improving the transparency of county government,” said Council Chair Bob Ferguson, prime sponsor of the motion. “We worked collaboratively to establish our priorities and will now focus on meeting these benchmarks as we address the challenges facing King County.”

“It’s no secret that King County is facing a number of significant challenges,” said Council Vice Chair Jane Hague, a co-sponsor of the legislation. “The 2010 Priorities are a proactive way of addressing those challenges. These goals are also a significant step in providing a more efficient, transparent, and accountable government.”

The adopted motion will provide the public with the opportunity to monitor the Council’s progress in accomplishing its goals. The Council has created an electronic scorecard that will track the status of 45 specific actions the Council plans to complete or begin development of in 2010.

“This list of priorities specifically calls out King County’s dual roles as a regional and local service provider and highlights our commitment to leadership in partnership with other cities and agencies on issues such as jails, animal services and emergency management,” said Councilmember Kathy Lambert, a co-sponsor of the motion. “This includes providing essential government services to the unincorporated areas of King County that depend upon us for their municipal services such as public safety, roads and land use.”

The scorecard will monitor eight broad policy goals established by the Councils as its key priorities. They are:

  • Increasing trust in government—Making County government more transparent, accountable and accessible;
  • Providing financial stewardship—Exercising sound financial management in adopting a balanced budget that reflects the values of King County residents and builds the County’s fiscal strength;
  • Advancing local and regional cooperation—Working with local governments and community organizations in implementing local and regional priorities and increasing efficiency of service delivery;
  • Encouraging jobs and economic development;
  • Improving mobility options;
  • Safeguarding and enhancing environmental sustainability;
  • Promoting equity and social justice—Identifying and working to eliminate inequities in King County, and;
  • Fostering safe, healthy and vibrant communities.

“King County residents deserve to have a sound understanding of exactly what County government does to protect their health and safety and provide continuity in service delivery and operations,” said Councilmember Julia Patterson. “This legislation gives citizens the opportunity to become engaged with their government and is also a way for the County to highlight the excellent services that are provided to protect and enhance the quality of life in our region.”

“Safeguarding environmental sustainability and improving mobility are key Council priorities that I will be shepherding as Chair of the Environment and Transportation Committee,” said Councilmember Larry Phillips. “By establishing these priorities and transparently measuring our progress, the people of King County will be able to track our work meeting their expectations and priorities.”

“It is important that in Martin Luther King, Jr. County, that we ensure that a good quality of life extends to those that are disenfranchised, poor and marginalized,” said Councilmember Larry Gossett. “Therefore, the Council must develop policies to show our commitment to equity and social justice in everything that King County does.”

“In my district, the closure of the South Park Bridge and finding replacement funding is a high priority,” said CouncilmemberJan Drago. “I am pleased the Council is focusing on the challenges and solutions that will benefit the entire county.”

The Council’s 2010 priorities complement the County Executive’s Countywide Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan, which will set the direction for King County government for the next five years, will be completed this year and adopting it is one of the Council’s priorities.

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