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Dunn introduces motion supporting constitutional amendment that would deny bail to “Third Strike” offenders


Protecting those who uphold the law


Metropolitan King County Councilman Reagan Dunn today introduce a motion in support of proposed state legislation to deny bail to felons who have been arrested on a potential “third strike” offense.

The legislation, introduced at the start of this year’s session of the Washington State Legislature, would amend the state constitution to deny bail to felons who have been arrested on a “third strike” crime under the state’s three strikes law or who are found to be inherently dangerous and a threat to public safety.

“The tragic deaths of several police officers over the last few months underscores the need to strengthen our state’s constitutional protection of our citizens and those who are sworn to uphold the law,” said Dunn. “As a former federal prosecutor, I wholeheartedly support this legislation introduced by House and Senate members to amend the state constitution and reinvigorate our state’s three strikes law.”

Since October, there have been three separate shootings in which six police officers in our region have been killed. At least one individual, Maurice Clemons who allegedly shot and killed four Lakewood police Officers, was facing a life sentence under Washington State’s three strikes law.

“This is why I am introducing a motion asking my fellow councilmember’s to support a change to the state constitution,” said Dunn. “King County, the largest county in the state, needs to let our legislators know that we will support their efforts to protect the citizens of Washington State and the fine law enforcement personnel that put their lives on the line every day.”

Governor Christine Gregoire recently announced that she was willing to support a constitutional amendment similar to those recently dropped in the Legislature. Dunn applauded her courage and expressed hope that she would follow through to get the legislation passed quickly.

“The Governor is right in citing that any change to our constitution must be carefully crafted. I offer my full support as our legislators in Olympia move forward to raise the level of protection for our citizens and law enforcement officers,” said Dunn. “We must send a strong message to criminals that there will no longer be any ‘get out of jail free’ cards.”

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